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**JIMIN'S POV** As I walk (Y/N) home, I kept thinking about Zander. The way he looks at her is the same exact way I look at her. If he keeps looking at her... He won't be walking on 2 legs. I look at her hand. I take it swiftly and I look in front of me. Great. A dog walker. Dogs are most people's weaknesses. "Aww look Jimin!! It's so cute!" She squealed. She squats down as she pets the dog. Of course I am over here all peanut butter and jealous because I won't lie... The dog is cuter than me. I look at her as she stands up. She looks over at me with a smile. "Jimin.. Don't be jealous." She kisses my cheek. "You're just as cute." I smiled and blushed. I take her hand again as she stutters. "Um Jimin." I look at her with a serious expression. "Yes My Angel?" "I would like to meet your grandma." "Wait huh?" I snickered. She repeats herself, "I would like to meet your Grandma." "Er um.. Okay. Right Now?" I hesitated. She nods. I smile as I walk her to my Grandma's house. I unlock the door and bring her on inside. My Grandma was watching TV. "Hello Grandma. There is someone here I would like you too meet." She smiles as she grabs the side of the chair as she tries to stand up. I go and help her walk over to (Y/N). "Grandma this is my girlfriend, (Y/N). (Y/N) this is my Grandma, Alice." "Nice to meet you (Y/N)." She says as she bows. (Y/N) bows back, "Nice to meet you too." "Don't you have a pretty girlfriend Jiminie?" She compliments. (Y/N) smiles as she says, "Thank You, Alice." "Just call me Grandma." She says as she giggles. She pats her arm as she tries to walk into her room. "Jiminie can you help Grandma into her bedroom?" "Yes Grandma." I said. (Y/N) helps as well which made me really happy. As soon as my Grandma had shut her door, (Y/N) says, "She is so sweet." I smile as I nod. I kiss her cheek as she smiles. I look at her with anticipation. "Hey Angel?" "Yes Jimin?" "I would like to meet your parents soon. Not now but soon. As soon as my parents come home." "Of course Jimin." She smiled. "I would love that." "Well let me take you home I have to go back to school." "Okay." **LATER** "Bye (Y/N).. I'll see your pretty face later." I said. She smiles as she kisses my cheek. She turns around as I watch her as she go on inside. I ran back to school and back into my classroom. But I realized, It was lunch time. I walk into the cafeteria and grabbed my tray. I walk over to my group of friends. As I sat down, They all snickered and giggled. "What's so funny?" I asked. They pointed to my face but specifically, my cheek. I totally forgot that she was wearing lipstick. I try to smudge it off my face as my friend, Jungkook giggles. "How is that little mischievous girlfriend of yours?" He asked. "Oh She is great. Quite amazing actually." "Have you met her family?" Yoongi asked me. Fuck. I know I'm supposed too soon but.. I'm nervous. "Not yet." I said nervously. Yoongi just gives me this look. The look of disappointment. "Has she met your Grandma yet?" Namjoon asked. I nodded. "Was your Grandma mad when she met (Y/N)?" Taehyung asked. "No actually. She was very kind towards (Y/N) and she even called her pretty and told her to call her Grandma instead of Alice." "Than she must be different from other girls." said Hoseok. "Well we hope you and (Y/N) the best." Jin smiled. "Finally.. Hyung can stop chasing after me." Jungkook giggled. I laughed along as I broke inside. I still love you Kookie. After lunch I went over to my locker. As I was putting some things away, I heard a familiar voice. I look over my shoulder to find Zander, talking to this girl. She looked uncomfortable. I try to mind my own business but I just can't. I walk up to her and asked, "Is this guy bothering you?" She nods a no but her eyes say yes. "Uh I was just about to go anyway." She told Zander. "Oh okay. Talk to you later?" He said. She just smirks and walks away. He looks over at me with madness in his eyes. "Mind your own business Park Jimin.." I laughed as I walked away. I felt his eyes on the back of my head. I don't care what he does. He is a coward and I will always laugh at him. *AFTER SCHOOL* I go over to (Y/N)'s house but to see a woman outside. Yelling at a man. They were yelling at each other by the front door on their porch. I hide behind a bush to listen. I know I shouldn't but if it's near her house I'm gonna watch and listen. All the words I could make out were mostly cuss words, mean names and offensive slurs. Towards each other! This is how I did not want to meet her parents. **YOUR POV** You sat in your room on the phone. You were just bored. You knew your parents were fighting as always. Never paid attention to you. Just their relationship. "(Y/N).." you heard. Someone was calling you. You knew that voice from anywhere. You look over the window to see Jimin. You pulled him up. "Jimin? What are you doing here?" You asked him quietly. "I was worried about you. Were those your parents?" He said. You nodded. He frowns. "But they're fighting. Are you okay with this?" You nodded no. You hated how they fight every single day no matter what happens. You heard a door open. The sound of feet coming up stairs got you awake. "Jimin go into my closet! Quickly!" You yelled silently. He runs into the closet and hides. He leaves a little crack just so he can see what happens. Your parents walk in. Mom is crying, Dad is sighing. "(Y/N) Sweetie... We have some bad news to tell you." Your mom says. "What?" You said in sadness. "We don't know how to say this but.. You mother and I are uh.. We're filing for a divorce." Your world came crashing down. What is this reality that you live in? This can not be happening! You started to tear up a bit. "Now look what you did! You made her cry!" mom yelled. Dad just ignores and walks out as Mom yells after him. Jimin carefully crawls out. "(Y/N)... I'm so sorry.." He whispers. You burst into tears as you cuddled up into Jimin's arms. "It's okay my Angel~ I'm here for you."
I know this what short but I'm tired. I have more stories to post tomorrow :D
IT'S BEEN SO LONG OMFG馃槩 But wth was that thing about Kookie and then the parents are fighting and omg so many problems馃槩 so worth waiting for tho, keep up the good work!
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