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I'm so sad.....Monsta X at KCON.. I missed seeing them. I missed seeing the brightest human being, Minhyuk. All I can is say thank you to the people who posted fancams and pics of their amzazing performance. You guys are the real MVPs!!!
Anyway for Minhyuk Monday enjoy some pics!!!
some for when he was at Kcon

I hoped you enjoyed this card!!!

Hopefully next year Monsta X will be coming. I really want to see them in person. *I was going to comment about the incident with armies on this card but I figured this wasn't the place. Should I make a card on the incident or not? Let me know*
Wait army was being rude to monsta x!?😲 I'm army but I've never had talked bad about them! 😯 I really like monsta x❀
Minhyuk is so frickin' cute!! I can't with him!! He is really trying to take Suga's of UB. πŸ’• Also, I'm happy that you didn't mention the incident between monsta x and army. I love both Monsta x and BTS! β™‘
noooooooo monstax are the cutest aww noo army please dont do this
@JohnEvans Yeah, I don't blame you! β™‘
@sherrysahar @JasminMartinez Yeah I decided not to comment on it. i don't like posting alot of negative things
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