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Hi everyone!! It was such a crazy weekend at KCON LA!! I got to meet JRE, GoToe, Dean, Monsta X, and BTS!!!! There's so many stories to tell! It was such an amazing weekend! I'll post some photos here, but all my videos will be on my Facebook. Go check them out! In these pics I got BTS, TTS, Amber and Eric, V close ups (for those V stans), Jungkook (sorry it's not clear, Jungkook stans!), and just more BTS.
My Facebook😊
Tiffany and Taeyeon, Twice, more Twice, Eric and JinJin, Monsta X, Amber and Eric, and more Twice😂

Who else attended KCON LA and what ticket did you get?

@MonAnnahiX I'm to poor to
I was up in p5 nosebleed area, but it was still awesome!! I love that the audience sang every word to every BTS song, it was so cool :)
I live like 4hrs away but same here too poor to go 😅 btw you were so close!! These pictures are awesome! 😁
too poor to go but I live right here, 5 minutes from the staples center 😭
@BiasKpop Let's pray for a free or charity concert so we can go! 😊
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