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Club Unpretty: KPop Magic Mike (Part 1)

I'm finished with the first story for this KPop Magic Mike business! 😁 If you haven't been introduced to the club owners & dancers, the first card about all of that is here. I've put pictures of every character mentioned, just to add a bit more 'umph' to each story since I'm only focusing on the clubs one at a time. So, here's Club Unpretty. **Warning: cursing & some sexual imagery**
Oh no, baby, you are too young. This aint gone work, I can tell by the way you walk. How old are you, 13? No, Im 19... Lee Hayi told the woman sitting in front of her. She had just walked into the audition room this woman, whoever she was, had immediately told her she wasnt going to be a part of Club Unpretty. but if I may ask, why cant I- Youre too young, I dont like your look, youre questioning my decisions, you obviously have no idea who I am because you said no, not no maam. Im Cheetah, Ms. Cheetah to you anyone else who comes into this room, you may now leave. Go try to audition at The High Dragon; I hear they take dancers and customers under 21. Cheetah waved Hayi toward the door and glanced down at her paper to look for the name of the next hopeful. Man, whatever. Hayi walked out slammed the door causing the mirrors in the audition room to shake a little. Oooh, this bitch is shaking the mirrors, Cheetah joked.
Her friend, CL, looked at her and laughed. You didnt have to be so mean. You probably crushed her dreams of being an Unpretty dancer. Look, Cheetah began to explain, she still has the chance of working at any of these other clubs, but if she wants to work for me, she better show up looking more serious next time. She came in here looking like a damn fairy princess. You need to make a statement before you even step on my stage Im not one to do the whole cutesy, innocent look. I do the whole cutesy, innocent look sometimes, CL replied. Yeah, but...shutthehellup*ahem* Wang Feifei, you can come in now.
Fei had heard the way Ms. Cheetah talked to Hayi she couldnt afford to make the same mistakes. She had a family she needed to support. She walked in with a sultry look in her eyes made sure not to look too cutesy. She gave Ms. Cheetah her introduction paper and walked back to the center of the audition room making sure to give her best model turn at the end. Oh, shit. See, this is the type of girl I need. Nice height, great legs, sexy,- Cheetahs thoughts were interrupted by Feis polite bow. Hi, Ms. Cheetah, my name is Wang Feifei. Its a pleasure to finally meet you. Ive heard so much about you. Oh? Like what, CL asked as she sat back in her chair. Bitch, you not Cheetah. Fei thought. Bitch, you not Cheetah. Cheetah said with a smirk. CL Fei laughed, but when Cheetah looked at Fei, she dropped her smile asked the same question. Like what? I...I mean, I know youre pretty strict with your girls - Oh baby, Im not strict, I just know what I want, but let me not interrupt, thats rude; continue. Fei paused for a bit tried to get another answer together. Youre a great hostess and owner because you know what its like to be in the same shoes as the girls who work for you now. You had to dance to support your family since you know what its like to be on that stage every other night, you try to make sure everyone feels like theyre the main attraction; just like you felt before you came to own the very club you used to dance in. Fei stopped talking, but kept her eyes on Cheetahs face, trying to read her expression, but she couldnt. She was just hoping everything her friend Amber told her to say would help her get the job. Well damn girl, just rewrite my Wikipedia page then. Cheetah said as she smiled at Fei. You know, I like you. I havent seen you dance yet, but Im going to take a risk here. You fit my clubs image you seem like a good person. Lets see how long it takes you to become my favorite. Cheetah looked Fei up down took in her entire frame before picking up one of the two blank ID cards she had on her table holding it out to the newest Unpretty dancer. Find a headshot to put on here Ill see you tomorrow. My signature seal is on the back so my bouncers know its a real pass when you show it to them. Fei, shocked, quickly composed herself and walked to the table to retrieve her card. Yes maam. Thank you so much. Thank you so so very much. You wont regret this, I promise. I hope not, sweetheart. Cheetah licked her lips and smiled as Fei turned around to walk out, bowing one last time before finally leaving the room. Cheetah then turned to look at her friend only to find she was already looking at her. What, Cheetah asked. You know what the fuck; you are so gonna try to sleep with her, CL play pushed Cheetah causing her to lean off the side of her chair. I mean, maybe. Look, if Simons dick hadnt already hypnotized you, you would think she was bedabble to. CL pushed Cheetah for real this time got up to slap her on the arm while she was down on the floor. Cheetah, after composing herself and wiping away the tears from her laughter, called next.
That was it for today, Ms. Kim, one of her assistants, Dohee, said. Really? Shit, I only got one girl. I never only get one girl. Chae, were not doing auditions for Unpretty again for a while. Maybe Double C needs to open soon so all these rejects can go somewhere to train. I even know our first trainee. CL said with a smirk on her face. Who, Cheetah asked, oblivious. Ms. Fairy Princess. Cheetah looked at her friend, silent, for about 3 seconds, then finally said, ...bitch, lets go before I cuss you out.
The next afternoon, Fei walked to the clubs side entrance, showed her ID to the bouncer, and walked in. Do you tell a bouncer thank you, Fei wondered. Ill say it anyway. Thank y-shit. Fei was about to spill out a million apologies before she saw who she bumped into. Babygiiiiirl, her friend Amber yelled. Amber, we are right here. Do you really have to yell? Fei asked, wincing rubbing her ear. Sorry, I get excited. I see you did the damn thing for the audition. She must have really liked you. I think she did. Like, I think she really did. She didnt even ask me to dance; all we did was talk. But that may be because she was looking at me like you used to. You know, the whole, if we werent in public youd be on your hands knees with your ass in front of my face look. Amber clutched her invisible pearl necklace. When did I ever look at you like that? I am a good, Christian, wholesome, lover of women. I would never think such a degrading thing. At the most I thought, damn, wait until were not in public; her legs are gonna be on my shoulders for hours. Fei rolled her eyes. I dont…I dont see the difference. Amber began to explain, oh, there is a difference. You see, when a lady another lady-
Oh my God, Amber, not the new girl, I literally just saw her walk in. Minzy walked up to Amber Fei looked at the latter with an apologetic expression on her face. She really has a problem, Im sorry. She sees new potential punani she goes a bit crazy. Fei laughed eased Minzy of her worries. Its fine, it really is. We used to talk about dating back in the day, but now were just good friends. Amber, playing around, got in Minzys face to emphasize the fact that she had misjudged the situation. Yeah, we already cool, bih. If I wanted her I could have been had her, bih, Minzy used her palm to smush Ambers face away from hers. Ok girl, calm down before I have to show you whats up tonight I make these people throw more money at me when we do our joint performance. Zy, it can be what it has to be; the chairs will be on two different ends of the stage so we wont even have to guess who theyre throwing the money to. Bet, Amber, bet. The two shook on it as Fei looked on in amazement about how the two veteran strippers just made a game out of their job. This is a beautiful place, Fei thought. Minzy politely said goodbye to Fei as she stuck her middle finger up to Amber and walked toward the dressing rooms. We should probably go too, Amber suggested as the two started walking. Believe it or not, it still takes us all at least an hour to get dressed made up. Even though you take everything right back off, Fei laughed. Aint that some shit, Amber said. As she led her friend through a curtain and then to the dressing room door, Fei was greeted by an entirely new world than the dimly lit stage and seating area. Fei was shocked to see a scene that she imagined could only be associated with famous actresses: there were 5 vanity mirrors, each framed in bright lights with a chair in front of them and make up and accessories on a nearby table. There was a table of fresh fruit and water bottles sitting toward the entrance of the room, along the back of the room there were full body mirrors, and on the entire length of the last wall were pieces of clothing the girls could put together to make their outfits. This is heaven, Fei thought out loud. Yeah, its still pretty nice even after all this time, Amber said. Ms. Cheetah makes sure to keep us comfortable happy because without us, you know- I wouldnt have any of this, Cheetah immediately finished Ambers sentence. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at their boss. Oh no, please continue what you all were doing. I know I dont come in here often, but I wanted to make sure our newest dancer was getting used to things. Cheetah walked up to Fei, put her hand around her waist, pulled her into a hug. Is Ms. Feifei ready for her first night, Cheetah asked as she looked into Feis eyes. Fei looked a bit nervous from Cheetahs eye contact, but she answered her honestly. Im not sure if Im more nervous about taking my clothes off in front of strangers or people I know. Fei glanced at Amber, who looked a bit uncomfortable herself, but about what, Fei didnt know. Well, Cheetah said as she placed a finger on Feis chin to guide her head, eyes, and attention back to her, as long as these strangers and people you know are giving you money to look at you take your clothes off, theres nothing you need to worry about. Ill even come on stage with you. I make sure I do it for all the new girls. Many have told me it helps them get a little more...comfortable. Cheetah slowly slid her hand down Feis butt before gripping it slowly taking her hand off of the womans body. Fei gave a slight smile and bit her lip. I think Id like that, actually. Good. Ill see you on stage then, babygirl. Cheetah turned and walked out of the dressing room and Fei, who watched her walk out, finally turned back to Amber. Or the spot where Amber used to be. The only person there now was Minzy. She had her eyebrows raised was looking up down from Fei to her nails as she filed them. You...just may take Ambers spot as Cheetahs fav. Minzy said. Fei looked surprised as she remembered that Cheetah had mentioned something about a favorite yesterday at her interview. She had no idea it would have been Amber, though. Is that really what shed be upset about? Or could it be? Fei rationalized in her mind. Wait, Im really not trying to start any drama. Do you know where Amber w- Fei started to ask.
Girl, no, shell be fine. Yura was Ms. Cheetahs favorite before Amber got here, so Amber knew it had to happen sometime. Maybe not with her friend, but hey, thats life. But, if shes sad, she may not dance as well...which means I can win this bet, Minzy finished her revelation with an excited squeal, but before she could celebrate too hard, Fei got her attention to ask her question again. Do you know where Amber went? Oh, I think, maybe, through that door to the restrooms? Minzy pointed toward a door Fei hadnt even noticed and wished her luck for her first dance before walking toward the line of clothing. Fei thanked Minzy and walked to the restrooms. As she entered, she saw Amber, looking quite serious, wetting her hands to smooth her hair into her desired style. Damn, that jawline, Fei thought. As if she had heard her, Amber turned to look at Fei and gave a slight smile. Good luck tonight, Feifei. Amber walked past her to exit the restroom as she walked by, she gave her butt a slight squeeze. Fei stood alone in the restroom wondering why her butt was so popular today, but she was snapped out of her thoughts by Cheetahs opening dialogue. Ladies, gentlemen, and non binary friends, how are we all doing tonight? The crowd cheered. Are we all ready to see some beautiful women? The crowd cheered again. Well, I have a generous gift for you all. As highly requested, our first act will be a joint performance with the beautifully handsome, all-around lady killer, Amber! Cheetah paused for the crowd to cheer. Fei, now getting ready listening to the speech through the speakers in the dressing room, heard mostly women cheer for Amber. Of course, Fei giggled to herself. And along with her, well have the dazzling, extremely seductive Minzy! Ple- A booming cheer from noticeably more males came forward, interrupting Cheetahs next statement. Cheetah began again, please remember this time, folks, Minzy does not like to be touched. That means no putting money in the panties, bra, cracks, or crevices, no trying to cop a feel; none of that. I will ask that you respect her wishes because, as I love my girls and care very much for their comfort and well-being, I will put their requests before those of my patrons. If you dont think you can control yourself, leave now. The entire room was silent. Well, then, Cheetah said with a smile, after that we have a brand new performer. Shes an incredibly sexy virgin to the stage and her name is Fei. Fei couldnt see it, but Cheetah had put her finger in her mouth and lightly bit it, causing the crowd to, woo.
Ill just leave it at that Ill let you all make your own opinions of her. After Fei, we will have the beautiful Nana, then the stunning LE, then finally, Yenny will come out for the last performance of the night. How does that sound everyone?
The crowd cheered once again and Cheetah told the DJ to start the music. The Real Her by Drake begin to play and someone screamed, Amber, fuck me! Fei sat in front of a mirror began scrolling thorough her phone to find the song she requested the DJ to play for her, but as soon as she found it, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked into the mirror in front of her saw her boss. Hey, Ms. Cheetah, Fei said with a smile. Hey, hun. Looking for your song? Yeah, I was just going to go through it to see if I could practice some stuff before I go up. Yeah, thats smart, Cheetah said absentmindedly as she looked at Feis beautiful face in the reflection of the mirror. As Fei opened her mouth to ask a question, Cheetah gently gripped Feis hair, pulled her head back with a slight jerk, began stroking Feis face with her fingertips. Fei gasped at the action and sat motionless in her chair as she was forced to look at her boss upside down. The other girls in the dressing room glanced at the two, but then turned away as though they had seen it happen before. Let me tell you something, Cheetah whispered close to Feis face. If you dont think I know Amber helped you get this job, youre wrong. Only my girls know some of the things you told me seeing how close you are to Amber makes me think shes the one who told you. I dont like it when my personal business gets out. Ive never been the type to want to be in other peoples business, so I dont want them knowing too much of mine. But Ill let it go this time. Let Amber get you in trouble one more time and the three of us may have to have a very intimate discussion. Understand? Fei nodded as best she could in her position and when she did, Cheetah let go of her hair smoothed it into place. Cheetah then gave a smile, patted Fei on her shoulder, gave her a kiss on the top of her head. Well, Cheetah began, it sounds like the song is almost over so Ill start heading toward the DJ booth to announce your performance. Good luck, babygirl, Ill see you onstage. Cheetah stroked Feis arm and turned to walk away. Fei, still shocked, sat looking in the mirror for another 30 seconds until she finally came out of her thoughts. Dont worry, she does something to all of the new girls. If she was really mad at you, she wouldnt have pulled you back that gently she wouldnt have kissed you at the end. LE had noticed how uncomfortable Fei still looked tried to ease her by telling her it was almost a type of initiation. Some way or another, she has to build up enough sexual energy in you newbies so youre ready to share the stage with her I guess this was just the best way for you. What did she do to you, Fei asked as she got up from her chair and fixed her strappy bodysuit. LE looked at Fei and nonchalantly answered, oh, she fingered me. Here. In the dressing room. In front of everyone. Any shyness went out the window after that I just wanted to get on that stage with her. Shes really a genius if you think about it. LE turned back to her mirror continued doing her makeup as Fei realized what had just happened. Before the interview yesterday, one of the questions on the sheet that each girl had to fill out told them to list their turn-ons and Fei had written hair-pulling and gentle strokes as two of hers. Realizing what her boss had done, Fei licked her lips, took a deep breath, tried to keep from losing her senses. Save it for the stage, she thought. Ms. Cheetah will appreciate it if I save all of this energy for our dance. Fei walked toward the stages entrance and awaited her announcement. After a few seconds, Cheetah slowly opened the door from the other side and, with a smile, she grabbed Feis hand to help her onto the stage. With the spotlight on her, the intro of her song playing, her bosses hand in hers, the crowd screaming, Fei felt like she was about to make a name for herself on her very first night at Club Unpretty.
The End! I think the best way for me to get these out would be by giving each club its own story. Ill try to have them all connected somehow (like in this one, The High Dragon, Simon D, CL are mentioned actually in the story, respectively.) I hope you enjoyed this stay tuned for the next one! Just to refresh, itll be about Club YG (owned by YG) the main dancers are Kai, Hyorin, Jackson. ☺️
@yaya12 will do! ☺️
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