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Need to catch up? Here's the intro!
Kayelynn's Perspective Why am I so nervous? Is it the plane? Or is it what happens when I get off the plane? I've done the whole college campus trip along the east coast on a bus; I've taken the ferry to Mackinac Island. I've even taken the train to Chicago where I stayed six weeks for college prep. So why is a plane different? Omo, it's moving, I'm going! It's going..... I think I'm going to be sick. After the flight took off it didn't seem as bad. I was booked on the 9am flight with a window seat. Everyone said I'd love the window seat.... I looked out the window and saw the city lights begin to fade away as we climbed above the clouds. I turned on some music and decided to take a nap. I was awaken after what seemed like five minutes by the stewardess telling me we were about to land. I looked out the window once again. Clouds, so close, so reachable, so mesmerizing. Wow. Oh look! So this is what the city of angels looks like. There weren't that many people on this flight so getting off was a breeze. My packet of directions from the contest said there would be a man waiting at claims holding a sign with my name. I headed towards baggage and immediately saw the man. He was the only one with a sign! I felt a little embarrassed as I walked up to him. I said hello and bowed my head slightly. He smiled back and grabbed my suitcase. When we reached outside there was a man in a suit holding open the door to the backseat. I looked at the man with a questionable look and he waved me towards the door. Wow.... this.... this is really happening. The car drove out of the city, I didn't really get to see too much of LA. But I wasn't too worried because the butterflies took away any disappointment. I couldn't help but wonder who I would meet first. All at once? One on one??!?? My mind filled with dramas and videos, and I started to imagine that I was in one. The car finally started to slow down. We must have driven about an hour. The car turned down what I thought was another road. It was the driveway!
The house was beyond beautiful! It looked like I'd imagined the idols would live in. I could see inside the first floor with its floor to ceiling windows. I could not see just how big or how far it went back. I heard the driver speaking quietly on the phone before he got out and went to the trunk. I had forgotten all about the man with the sign, he got out and opened my door. Someone was coming out of the house. He was wearing a blue suit with a white shirt; his hair flowing with the wind. It was Lee Phillip! Hey Joe. How was the trip? Everything go okay? Lee Philip asked. Ah... so the sign guy's name was Joe. Why didn't I know that? It was good. He turned around to me. This one is a quiet one. She didn't speak the entire time. I even tried telling my name a couple times but she just gazed out the window. They both laughed. Oh God, did I really ignore him? Was I that out of it? I looked at the ground in complete embarrassment. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Come on Kayelynn, look up. Look at the gorgeous Lee Phillip! Shall I show you around? The others will be back soon; they went out for some breakfast. Did you eat? Philip asked. I shook my head yes. I lied. But with all the butterflies flying around in my stomach there was no way I could eat now. Joe said goodbye and left with the driver while we headed to the door. We took our shoes off once inside and he lead me to the living room. There were so many places to sit, get comfy, to relax! This is the living room and sometimes our conference room. Philip referenced the many couches and table on the side. He turned my shoulders toward the kitchen. It was just like out of a magazine. It was amazing! Help yourself to anything if you're hungry. But be warned, if it's in here, it's fair play. If you don't want us to eat it, keep it in your room. Then again, if the boys know what you got, they won't hesitate to get it. I looked over at him. I gulped. Room? Am I staying here too? I asked waiting for the joke. Yeah, you got the letter right? You'll be assisting me and the guys, so it helps if we are together. They'll be home soon, let me show you the office. He lead me down a hall filled with beautiful landscapes. How big was this house anyway? We passed a few doors before we came to an open space that looked like an office. He opened a drawer and pulled out some items. He held up a notebook computer. This is for working in the house. Then he held up a tablet. This is for when we are on the go. Always have it charged and always carry the car charger with you. We will be out a lot. Lastly he held up a cell phone. Now this, this has all our contact information. Only use this phone when you need us. No personal calls, to them or anyone else. He placed them all on the desk. We'll go over your schedule and ditties tomorrow... Just then we heard some noises from down the hall. That must be the guys. You really don't say much do you? I just shook my head and smiled. As we started to head down the hall Philip turned around and looked at me, then the desk, then back at me. I thought about it a second before I turned to the desk and picked up the tablet and phone. I turned back to him and he smiled. OK, got it. Literally carry these at all times. When we walked into the living room, all the guys were finally here, including Joe? Joe was the only one to acknowledge that we were in the room. Hey Phillip, I'll going to sleep here tonight. I made the driver turn around when I saw these bums coming. I really don't want to take another hour long trip to the city. So it's cool right? Right. I'll need a pillow.... Joe started to look around to see which couch looked more comfy. He turned back to me. Long time no see shy one. I smiled then looked at Phillip. He was heading down to the hall into a closet. He came back and stared at the guys. Hey guys, our guest has arrived. I thought this was it, this was my introduction. I looked at all of them. Jungkook and Jimin jumped up immediately. They seemed almost as excited as I was. Min Seok looked a little bashful, which was adorable! However, Taecyeon and Woo Bin looked as if they were irritated. Did I do something wrong already? My smile disappeared. looked over at Seo In Guk. He was standing at a window with cell phone in handed. He squinted his eyes before looking up at me. Sorry, we'll have to do introductions later shy one. Phillip, that was the director. They need Taecyeon, Woo Bin, and I for wardrobe, and you and them for script changes. He looked at me with an apologetic face and walked towards the door. Phillip was rubbing his temple mumbling something about script changes already. He looked at me and smiled. Ready for some assisting? Let's go shy one. Ready? I'm being thrown in! OK. Let's go Kayelynn. Let's go!