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Hello Lovelies! Im back with part 3 finally after my computer died, I couldn't update it, but its working right now so here we go. Summary: You and your 5 best friends are a dance crew. You call yourselves the Fantasy Dance Crew. You guys are an internet sensation. You guys finally saved up enough money to go on vacation to Korea and that's when your fates are changed... Reader x Bang YongGuk. (Will be other pairings as well.) Romance fluff
The sun started to rise piercing the dark veil of curtains in our room. The suns rays peeping between the crack of the curtains shining onto your face forcing you to wake up. Opening your eyes slowly then groans sitting up. Your movement woke up your friend Marie. "Ugh...Who decided to turn the sun on." Marie groaned. You laugh softly at her response. Marie was not a morning person. "Mother Nature" you said. She looks at you grumpily. "How can you be a smartass so early in the morning?" She grumped. You just laugh and climb out of bed. Marie groans rolling over pulling a pillow over her head. You walk over and yank the covers and pillow off. "We are not gonna waste this vacation on sleeping the day away." You said. Marie glares at you. "I hate you" she said but with no real conviction. You laugh."No you don't. You love me." She smiles and shakes her head. You smile in return. "You can use the bathroom first. I'm going to go make breakfast." You said. At the mention of food she shot up with a spurt of energy. You laugh at her excitement at the mention of food. "Food!" She exclaimed. "You are the only one i know who loves food more then anything." You said "Of course! Food is life, Food before dudes is my motto." Marie said. You bend over laughing at her motto. "Only you will have a motto like that." She grins grabbing her clothes and heads to the bathroom.
After making your bed you head ti the kitchen to start breakfast. Putting an apron on you open the fridge seeing that it was stocked. You reach in grabbing eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns and fruit placing it on the counter. Grabbing the necessary kitchen supplies you proceed to cook. Ten minutes into cooking breakfast you hear the other girls enter the kitchen still rubbing sleep from their eyes. "Something smells good." Amy said. She comes over and peeks over your shoulder. "That looks so good." Amy said. "Thanks Amy. Can you start the coffee?" You asked "Sure." Arm goes over and starts the coffee pot. "I love when you cook Y/N" Sarah said as she snatches a piece of sausage. "Can you guys set the table breakfast is almost done?" You asked. The all pitch in setting the table and placing the food on it. You ll say a prayer and start eating. The table was full of chatter as we all start throwing ideas out on what to do today. "Lets go sightseeing and then write down places we want to go and explore more on another day." Sarah suggested. We all nod in agreement. "Sounds like a plan." Mary said. We all pitch in and clean up our mess after breakfast. Once finish we all head for our respective rooms taking showers the getting dress. We all decided on casual clothes. (make up your own outfits for the characters). After making sure we all had out room keys we exit our room and head down stairs to the lobby. We asked for a map and the clerk handed us one. We thanked them and left the hotel.
"It feels so nice out." Joy said happily. We nod in agreement. "So which way should we start?" You asked. "Lets head towards the shopping district!" Mary exclaimed. "Of course you and fashion are best friends." Sarah said. "You know it!" Mary said. We laughed. "Lets walk." Joy says. "Its not super far away and we can take pictures and sight see." We all start walking and talking about all the things we want to do while here. As we were enjoying the walk we heard a loud scream. We all turn around and look seeing a group of people. One girl shouts. "Oh my God! Its the dance crew Fantasy!" As soon as those words left her mouth they started running towards us screaming. "Oh Crap! Everyone run!" You shout. We turned around and start running away. As we run we have no idea where we are going so we end up making random turns. "Crap they are still behind us!" Mary shouts. "They are gaining on us!" Marie shouts and they all turn to you for leadership. You look around for a place to hide in. You see a building straight ahead. "Everyone into that building!" You shout. We all run full force into the building . Stopping a second to look and you all spot a couch and dive behind it. A woman at a desk looks over at you and opens her mouth to speak. You all look at her pleading and points outside indicating why you all ran in here. She looks outside seeing the fans. One girl walks in and the desk lady meets her. "May I help you?" the lady ask "Yes we were wondering if you saw 6 girls run into here.?" the fan asked "No I have not I am sorry." The lady said "Thank you." The fan bows and leaves. You all sit behind the couch barely breathing. "They left you can come out now." The lady said gently. We all stand up and bow. "Thank you so much for helping us." You said as you bow expressing your thanks.
"No need to thank me. I'm just glad i can help." the lady said. "Sorry to intrude we will be taking our leave" You smiled. Just as you guys turn around to leave you hear someone shout your name with happiness "Y/N!" the voice said as you all turn around to see who it is. Your mouths drop at the person. You open your mouth to greet them. "Hey....... Ok ill end it there sorry for the super late update. I love you all! @nikkitty @kpopandkimchi @AimeeH @Morganelisbeth @helixx @leighholgate @jeppblackmen @prettieeEmm @QueenLee @KpopQueenaBee @DominiqueThomas @JessicaEvaristo @daljiyong @Ercurrent @JiyongLeo @CrystalGuerra @Defy24601 @twistedpuppy @JayRaider @AlenaSegura @JohnEvans @TheEnlightment @vixxstarlight1 @VatcheeAfondi99 @DonnaSearles Anyone else want tagged let me know and ill add you. taeume poeyo! see you later!
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