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Dang it @OtakuDemon10 and @tayhar18920 HOW TO PLAY: Name ten people you would kiss, then tag ten other people who will maybe participate. RULES: 1. If your tagged, think of it as a curse. People will be irritated with you if you don't do it to. (I won't blame you though) 2. It can be anyone, real or fake. It can even be that guy or girl from school/work that you like. (Just hope they don't see it) 3. Say where the person/character is from and their name. (*Disclaimer* if you snuck a picture of a crush, do not include said persons full name or address). 4. Enjoy thyselves, my fellow homosapiens. (but not TOO much). This is in no order, but the first two, at least, are my top two.
Akane Tsunemori from "Psycho Pass." I mean come on, she is my favorite waifu of all time. Best. Waifu. EVER! Plus a great face!
My favorite female singer for eternity. Chelly, from the band Egoist... Maybe... I admit, she hasn't revealed her identity the public, so I don't what she is like or what she looks like. I'm just a bit obsessed I guess. Best voice ever.
Shino Asada (Sinon) from "SAO II." I put her in my top three waifus of all time. Indeed. I know someone I plan to tag may point out his claiming of her, but hey, were all friends here. (Point is, great waifu).
Senjougahara Hitagi from The Monogatari series. She is also one of my top three waifus ever. She is very attractive, and I very much love her personality.
Wilhelmina Carmel from "Shakugan no Shana." I'm not really sure why, but I have always found her to be really attractive. She just looks really pretty to me, I guess.
Charlotte Dunois from "Infinite Stratos." She is quite kind and pretty. I also like her personality. As all the others on this list, she is my favorite of her series.
Hinata Hy奴ga from "Naruto Shippuden." She is another great waifu. On top of that, she is quite beautiful.
Mikasa Ackerman, from "Attack on Titan." DANG is she pretty. She is also really cool, and has a personality I kind of like. (Apparently the 1st is a gif. I hope not)
Touka Kirishima from "Tokyo Ghoul." Once again, cool, pretty, great personality. I also reeeeeealy love hairstyles like this. Soooo cute.
Origami Tobiichi from "Date Alive." Origami is really cute. She is a bit quiet, and completely loyal.
FINALLY, I'M DONE! May you be cursed, @tayhar18920 and @OtakuDemon10 for making me do this (lol jk, it was fun) I realize this became more of a "Who is your waifu" card, but I mean I wouldn't kiss someone I didn't like. I explained, cuz I felt like it. Tag 10 people? Ima cheat, because I don't have many. @OtakuDemon10 @BlackDragon88 @BlackDragon88 @tayhar18920 @SimplyAwkward @BlackDragon88 @P1B2Bear @JacobRivas just because (I won't tag you again if you want) @BlackDragon88 and @BlackDragon88 So then, any thoughts?
@OtakuDemon10 lol, I don't think I have heard that phrase, just about people whining unnecessarily because of their gender being assumed. I don't know how or where it started, but I try to avoid it anyway.
@BlackDragon88 yes, I'm a girl, but you know what they say, "assume makes an ass out of u and me," so I appreciate your treading softly馃槈 Also you're welcome!
馃構glad you enjoyed! I love how you tagged yourself 5 times馃槀 Nice kiss list!
@P1B2Bear Thank you. And yea, it was my best option.
Wonderful list XD . You tagged yourself so much 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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