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Omg he is soo cute :3
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I love him so much but I can't because Rin is bae and Haru needs to be with Rin but Makoto is perf and I can see how Haru would want to be with him... ugh my brain hurts. Fujoshi probs
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@KatieSaldivar Omg so true, but I ship Haru with Makoto :3
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@TakamiRen I'm u complete agreement with you, MakoHaru is bae af!馃槏
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@Moonpie15b Yep, they are my #1 otp in free ^_^
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@TakamiRen SAME馃槅! have you seen free 50% off? ( the abridged series), Mako-chan, is so wonderfully gay for Haru in it; it greatly pleases the inner fangirl馃挌
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