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*NEXT DAY* *JIN'S POV* "Hey Mother.." I said. She looks up at me. "Yes Jin?" "Since I have the house all to myself today. May I have friends over?" I asked. "Sure Honey. Just make sure nothing is ruined or touched." I smiled. Yes! I get to beat (Y/N) at Mario Kart!! I look over at the clock. It's 9:40am. Almost time for Mother and Father to leave. "Okay Jin we will see you in a few hours." She says as she kisses my cheeks. My Father just waves goodbye. I waved back. As soon as that door had shut. I had just realized. (Y/N) doesn't know my address nor does she have my number. But she did tell me she was going to egg someone's house. And there is only 1 house I know that is always getting egged. I put on my shoes and head out the door. I walked about 2 blocks to see the house. It was a abandoned house. An old lady by the name of Barbara Jenkins used to live there for 50 years but she died at the ripe old age of 70. People say that her cat, Shadow, Watches over the house and her soul roams around. I don't believe in the paranormal but it's very interesting topic. I look by the door to see that it's open. I walk inside quietly as I inspected the place. I look in front of me. There was a dark, long hallway that scared the beauty out of me. I look over to see something bright. It was red. I knew it had to be (Y/N)'s hair. I quietly called for her name, "(Y/N)? Is that you?" She turns around. Her eyes suddenly light up as soon as we made contact. "Jin!!" She yells as she runs as hugs me. "What are you doing here all by yourself?" She asks as she messes with my hair. "Uhh I came looking for you." I told her. She smiles as she takes my hand. She walks me out the door as she says, "Walk me to your house. I need to beat your butt at Mario Kart." "Oh we'll see about that." I laughed it off. She gives me this smirk. Now I regret on what I had told her. I bring her into my house and set up the game. As it was loading I asked her, "What character do you want to be?" "I'll be Luigi." She responds. I pick Mario. I press play as I stood up cuz I know it's about to go down. She stands beside me with fearsome eyes. I knew what she was trying to do and it ain't going to stop me now! I dashed through all the obstacles and kept my eyes focused on the game. "Oppa~" She moaned. I had never thought someone would call me Oppa. "I'm hungry.." "I'll make you food after I'm done playing." I told her. She rolled her eyes as she continued. "DAMNIT!" I yelled. She won 1st place. She giggles as she pokes my buttons. "I win ha-ha-ha-ha!" "Whatever I'll beat you next time." I joked. She giggles as she gives me a slight punch. I gave her a little punch back. Before we knew it, We were wrestling. She messes with my hair, I mess with hers. She pokes my sides, I poked hers. She tries to pin me down but I picked her up and threw her on the couch. I get on top of her and pinned her down. I snap out of wrestle mode and look into her eyes. She gave me this look that I really liked. She bites her lips so slowly I felt butterflies. Why was I feeling this way about a girl I just met a day ago? Love at first sight?! No it couldn't be. Not now. Not ever. I snap back into reality. I get off of her as she frowns a bit. She seemed disappointed. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Nothing Jin. Nothing." She whispers. I felt sad to see her frown. I sit closer to her. Our legs touched. She was blushing hardly. I "accidently" touched her hand. Our fingers laced together smoothly as she smiles. "I have.. never felt this way before.. with anyone." She says. I blushed. "I haven't either...I like this feeling." I told her. *YOUR POV* You felt the butterflies in the pit of your stomach. You looked into his beautiful brown eyes. They started to sparkle. You blushed really hard. "Jin.." You muttered. He looks into your eyes. It had felt as if the world had stopped. Time has stopped. Everything is frozen. "I know this may sound crazy. But I find an interest in you. You make me get this feeling that no one else could. I would like to get to know you better. I may be breaking this stereotype but fuck gender roles. Will you Kim Seokjin, Go on a date with me?" He seemed surprised. But happy at the same time as his eyes lit up. "Yes.. I will be happy too." He smiles. "You're not like other girls. You're different. You're perfect." You sighed a bit. "Jin..I am not a perfect girl. My hair doesn't always stay in place. I spill things a lot. I'm pretty clumsy and sometimes I have a broken heart. My friends and I sometimes fight and maybe some days nothing goes right. But when I think about it and take a step back, I remember how amazing life truly is and that maybe I just like being unperfected." "Well you're amazing. To me you're perfect. You're special." He looks into your eyes. It felt like as if he was staring into your soul. You made the first move and lean in a little. Little by little very slowly. He gets the idea and starts to lean in closer. Just a few inches away from his beautiful, plump lips.
As soon as his lips pressed up against yours. Sparks flew. As you kept kissing him, The kiss started to get passionate and heavy. Or so you thought. "(Y/N)? Earth to (Y/N)?" Jin said. You snapped out of your timid imagination. "Huh? I'm sorry what?" You stuttered deliberately. "I asked you if I can plan our first date." He said as he giggles. You nodded. He smiles as he takes your hand. You blushed as he kisses your hand. He rubs his hand against his soft palms as he tells you, "Okay my mom is gonna be home in a few minutes. I'll walk you home." "Uh that's very sweet of you but you don't have too Jin." You told him. "No No Princess I insist." He says. He gets up and takes your hand as he pulls you closer to him. He opens the door and takes you outside. As he walks with you, He tries to be romantic per say and wraps his arm around your shoulders. You smile to show him that you liked it. He caresses your forearm as you look up. You stop and stood there as he looks at you. "My house is just around the corner I can go by myself." You nervously told him. "You sure? I want you to be safe." He says. You felt comforted and protected. "If I can walk around the most dangerous parts of town by myself I'm sure I can make it to my house without getting harmed." You giggled. He chuckles to himself as he looks at the ground, Than back up to you. "Well I'll see you later." He tells you. You smiled as you very slowly let go of his hand. As you walk towards home, He stands there looking after you. You kept walking all the down towards the end of the street so that he couldn't see you. You peek over the corner to look if he was still there. He was not. You walk towards a tall building. About 3 stories high. You opened the door to see the head mistress, Mallory. She looks at you with beady eyes and a scrunched nose. "Where on earth have you been young lady?!" "Sorry Ms. Evans." You told her. That's what she goes by. But everyone knew her as Mallory. "(Y/N), You never leave this building without my consent you hear me?!" You nodded. "Or else you will never get adopted." You started to tear up a bit. That sad reality had hit you harshly. 'What if no one adopts me?' You walk upstairs onto the 2nd floor and head down the hall. You walk towards your right to look at the room number. #492 You take out your key and unlock the door. You opened the door to see your room. So dull it hurts. You sit by the window seat as you look out the window with a frown.
**JIN'S POV** Luckily, She didn't notice I was hiding behind a tall tree. I walk towards the building she entered. I look up to see this huge, blue sign. "Orphans in Need." (Y/N)? An orphan? I walk up to the door and open it. I look over to my left to see this middle aged woman. She has light brown hair, light blue eyes and she wore glasses. I read the plaque that was sitting by her desk, "MALLORY EVANS" "Um excuse me miss?" I said to her. She looks down at me with a grin. "Yes?" "Does (Y/N) (L/N) live here?" She nods. "Is it okay if I can see her?" "Yeah she is in room #492" "Thank You." I run upstairs into a long hallway. I look around for room #492. I finally found the room. I knock on the door as I stood there. She opens the door with a surprising face. "Oh Jin.. Wh-What are you doing here?" She stuttered cutely. "I was gonna do something but.." I sigh. "You never told me you were an orphan." She tries to shut the door on me but I placed my hand on the door as push it away from her reach. She starts to cry a little as she sits on a bed. I sat down next to her and wrap my arm around her. I try comforting her as I say, "It's okay. No need to cry." "But.. I didn't want to you to find out this way. I didn't want you to know at all. I don't want you to think badly about me." She cries out. I just hugged her tightly as I consoled her. "I'm sorry this is just a problem I face everyday and I don't you to deal with me Jin." I sigh. I don't want her to be like this. I try to comfort her by promising, "I can't promise to fix all of your problems but I can promise that you won't have to face them alone." "Thank you Jin. No one has ever cared about me as much as you do." She says. I hugged her as she hugs back and never lets go. Eventually, I have too. "Sorry Princess." I let go of her arms slowly as she frowns. "But I'll talk to you later okay?" I said. "Okay." She smiles. I kiss her hand like the princess she is before I walk out the door. **5 MINUTES LATER** I open the door and jumped onto the couch before mother can come home. I heard the key start unlocking the door as the door knob turned and jiggled. Mother opens the door with a smile. "Hey Jin." She gives me a kiss on the cheek. I felt embarrassed. "Hey mother. May I ask you a question?" I asked her. She gives me a serious look in the eye as she has her hands on her hips. "There is this girl I met at school. She is really great and she actually made the first move and asked me out on a date. I wanted to be nice and ask her parents but.." Wait.. Should I tell her the truth? Or just make up a little lie? "Uh her parents are on a business trip in.. uh-- Br-Br-Brazil." "Well if you're trying to ask for my blessing than you may go on a date with her. What is her name?" "(Y/N)." She smiles, "(Y/N). That's a very pretty name. (Y/N) Kim." She jokes. I grunted as she giggles her way into the kitchen. I run up into my room and sit on my bed. I look up at the ceiling as I think to myself, 'I can't wait to go on a date with her.'
Okay I know you might not have red hair but all fan arts I have seen show a girl with red short hair so there is an explanation.
Anyway hope you loved it <3 More fanfics on the way~
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