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Genre: Angst, Romance, Angels, Fallen Angels, Supernatural, Demons, Vampires. Pairings: πŸ€”πŸ€” Summary: Demons thrive on life energy and fear, Vampires thrive on blood. Two beings coexist , but should never meet. Chapter: Three A/N: This is inspired by Exo's Monster. Since I love OT12, imma included Lutaoris. Enjoy! _____________________________________ "How could you!" Anson's voice booms shaking the place. "I didn't do anything wrong" Thea argues back her wings folding behind her as fear and guilt overcomes her entire body. "I sent you to Earth for one job, and one job only! How can you betray me and commit...a sin!" He says his eyes burning with anger. She feels anger surge through her body. "Your saying love is a sin father?" She questions. Her eyes flicker to her mother, tears cascaded down her cheeks as she walks of leaving her and her father. "You were supposed to bring the soul. Simple. This is nothing new Thea. Why did you let him live! He was meant to die, Thea!" He growls making Thea shrink in size. "I did what was right father" she says quietly hating the feeling if shame that overcame her body. "What was right? You do understand what you just said right? People are meant to die and move on to the after life Thea. You cant stop whats meant to be" he takes large steps back and forth. "You are an angel. You are above any mere mortal, you cant fall in....love with one Thea..." He says his eyes clouding with sadness. "But....i didn't commit any sin father i-" "don't you DARE, call me father! Im no father of a sinner....you are no daughter of mine" he says. Thea gasps, her heart shattered, his words stabbed her heart. Just then Gabriel walks in with a scroll. "Sire i have brought him" he says. Thea wipes her tears looking at Gabriel in question. "Bring him forth" he commands. Behind Gabriel was a chained up Jackson. Thea covered up her mouth suppressing her scream of horror. Her love stood in front of her bruised up and beaten. He catches sight of her smiling slightly. "Whats the meaning of this!" She demands. "Its time...to punish those who have sinned." Thea woke up screaming. Sweat droplets rolling down her face as she looked around her surroundings. She sighs out as she curls up into a ball , tears falling down endlessly. She wails out in pain unable to bear the pain in her chest. She wanted to scream. Her phone buzzed as she looks at the screen. Isabella's face was on screen. Sliding it she opens it. "Good morning! Wake up!!! Were gonna be late for our tutor session" Thea gets up and looks at the clock, it read 3:15. "Okie, i'll be by your place in a few minutes" she says groggily. "Thea...are you ok?" She asks concerned. Thea smiles at her friend "yea just sleepy" she mummers getting up. "I'll see you in a few...bye Elle" she shuts the phone and gets into the washroom to freshen up. ~Somewhere else~ "You said what?" Lay questions Kris as he paces around the house which for once was tidied up. "I told them a friend of mine was coming for tutoring as well since they need help. I just need you to clarify that she is the one" Kris says cleaning the coffee table in the living room. "You don't actually except me to act like a student do you? I haven't been in school since 1984 Kris!" Lay says massaging his temples in attempt to clam down. "Thats the point idiot. You don't know everything, thats why imma tutor you" Kris explains taking a seat on the couch. A growl rumbles in Lay's chest. "You'd be dead right now if it were up to me" he growls and sits down as well. "You can try, but you know I'm stronger and faster then you." Kris says smirking wide. Being a newborn sure ha its perks. "Heh, for a newborn you sure are...in control. I remember when i first turned....i destroyed everything and everyone for blood" he says his eyes shimmering. "Yea, I'm quiet proud of it actually" kris says smiling proudly. "So....when are they going to come?" Kris looks up at the clock. "In a few" ~Back to Thea~ "Hi, i will have one grande chocolate flavoured coffee, one grande hot chocolate supreme with whip cream and chocolate flakes and a 6 cake pops please" Thea orders as the Starbucks cashier smiles widely at her. Thea was a regular costumer here and he new everyone here. After hanging over the cash she waits by the side. "Hows the exam studies going?" Flo, the owner of this Starbucks joint asks getting the cake pops. "Ughhh awful, i cant take the stress Flo" Thea says groaning. "Ahhh i remember the good old days...trust me kiddo you'll miss this" she says winking. She hands over the cake pops and drinks. "Psst, i added two extra cake pops. Hopefully it helps" Flo says as Thea smiles wide. After bidding farewell she walks out with the goods and walks to Isabella's apartment complex. She looks forward to see Isabella waiting for Thea in the lobby. "May i ask why your down here when you could be up there?" She asks handing over the drink. "Oh ya know how i get when I'm near someone hot...thanks or the Coffee bae." She says nervously as the take the elevator. "Did you tell him when were coming?" Thea asks taking a sip of the heavenly delight. "Oh, he already knows." The elevator opens as the step out walking to Kris's door. "This time you knock missy" Isabella says bravely. "Fine, i'll do it." Taking a deep breath in she knocks lightly on the door. Within seconds the door flies open revealing a more lively looking Kris. "Hey.....come in" he says as the girls step in. He closes it behind them and leads them to the living room. "Sorry for the mess, and if you don't mind my friend will be joining us. L-" "Lay?!" Isabella says I'm shocks. Thea peers over to see Lay perched on the sofa. "Bella?" He asks getting up slowly. Instantly his eyes go to Kris glowing dangerously. Thea slumps her shoulders. 'Great, just great. Isabella's ex just HAD to be here!' She internally yells. Kris looks between the too shocked. "You two...know each other?" He asks. "Unfortunately we do" Isabella says taking a seat on the carpeted floor beside the coffee table. "Oh....um well, Lay this is Thea, Isabella's friend. Thea this is Lay...my friend" he awkwardly introduces the two. Thea internally sighs before reaching out her hand in a kind gesture. Lay doesn't take it. Instead his eyes are focused on her. He seemed to be drinking in her appearance as she stood there uncomfortably. "Uhh...nice meeting you" she says taking a seat as well. The whole time Lay stared at her Thea felt danger. But then again it could be her pervert senses going haywire. "Uh...ok then...lets begin." Throughout the tutor session, Thea started to notice how Lay would give eyes signals to Kris who would go stiff as a rock. This sparked her interest but she didn't say anything about it. Kris was an amazing tutor, she was able to understand everything. Things were flying smoothly until it was time to go. "Thank you soo much Kris! Now I'm confident i'll pass the exam" Isabella says cheery. "Haha no problem..." He says as the girls pack up. "Hey....uh if you don't mind....would you guys stay for a bit? We can like...hang out?" Lay says urgently. Thea found it quiet ofd how he was acting. Isabella opens her mouth ready to scold Lay but Thea stops her. "We would love to stay, i mean we had a great time and everything but Elle is coming to my place for a movie nought with my family...I'm sorry" Thea says lying. She pushes Isabella to follow her, who does and doesn't utter a word. As the reach for the knob Thea stops in her tracks. "You.....don't have a family Thea..." Kris's voce was deep and didn't sound like him. She turns to see both Lay's and Kris's eyes a deep red and what seemed to be fangs sprouting from their gums. Isabella suppresses a gasp of fear. "You belong to us....our fallen angel" Tags: @JarviaKlipka @sung1rl199674
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