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Our two words collide. ( narrator) Monsters they in inhabit this world with us some of them live in peace while others threaten this world and it's their job to stop them. These people are called hunters. my name is Hakuryui miochi and my hole world is about to change. ( location Tokyo Japan , Year 2024. Raion Hunter Academy ) (intercom) Hakuryui miochi to the Head master room immediately please. (Head master) Welcome my boy good to see you again. (Hakuryui) you too head master. (Head master) We have your next mission ready but it's a tuff one. It's in Hokkaido up in the north a mansion is located in the center of it. It's filled with monsters but you only need to get one. It's a level one S-class, monster. (Hakuryui) a vampire, well thank you. I'll do my best. ( to himself) wow this is so cool! (master 2) unfortunately we don't know the identity of the vampire so it will be hard for you to find it. good luck, your plane leaves in a hour. ( Hakuryui ) thank you sirs. ( in a dark mansion a girl is setting alone in her bathtub) (Elsa) it's to boring here. I need something fun to happen soon. ( tinking) and I hope someone comes to save me to. ( man) thiking about escapeing again. Mistress ( Elsa) ahh I told you not to do that lizal! (lizal) Your father told me to protect you and keep you safe. ( Elsa) Is that why you got rid of Mria and ben. ( lizal) they were to lenyint on you to trust them. ( Hakuryui ) the place is huge I can't believe some uese to live here well here I go. so there are low level monsters in here to but I have a big prize to get. (monsters) a human no. your a hunter! ( Hakuryui) lucky I'm not here for you im have for the vampire. ( monster) wich one there's two of them now there uese to more. ( Hakuryui ) I'm only after one. ( monster) they live on the west side and they let us have this side good luck that man. (lizal) so there's a intruder. this will be most amusing ( man) yes sir will take care of it. (Elsa tinking) someone else is here Finally. I have to go see him. ( lost somewhere in the mansion) (Hakuryui ) were am i . ( Elsa ) this is the dining hall (Hakuryui ) you who are you (tinking ) wait a disease broke out here she must be a victim, so she must be a ghost. ( Elsa ) are you looking for someone or something because I can show you around. (Hakuryui ) thank you that will be nice. ( Elsa ) let's go (she takes his hand) ( Hakuryui )(thinking) is she a ghost? if she is she really strong. were a you taking me. (There a lot of daed hunter did she do this) ( Elsa ) a place I like to go (Hakuryui ) are you the girl I saw last night. On top of the building? (Elsa ) I don't remember. did you see me. ( outside in a graveyard) ( Hakuryui ) you like to come here. well the lighting is good for my pictures. ( Elsa ) hu what do you mean. ( Hakuryui ) I like talking pictures on every mission I go on. I guess I can take one of the graveyard. do your have a grave here. ( Elsa ) I'd like to get you a gift for coming all this way to see me. is that okay. ( tinking ) lizal coming I've got to hurry up the moon will be out soon. ( Hakuryui ) I guess so. What are you doing. ( she lends in close to him going past his face to his neck as she bites down with her eyes glowing red) ( Elsa ) Now your mine forever. ( chapter 2 call me mistress)
Okay will do
she mine to and come check it out on whtt pad
my favorite so far would be Elsa
Thank you so much who's your favorite character so far
@JustinMarvell omg I loved this!!
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