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Top 10 hidden treasures of Germany
By Josh Cahill Many of us have travelled Germany and we all know about Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. We've heard about the delicious sausages, the beer, the Berlin Wall and of course not to forget the Octoberfest, most probably the biggest "Volksfest" on earth. In a recent BBC survey Germany was voted as the most popular country in the world. no.10 - Cologne Cathedral no.9 - The Dresden Frauenkirche. no.8 - The medieval centre of Regensburg no.7 - Christmas season in the Ore Mountains. no.6 - The city of Erfurt. no.5 - The Holsten Gate no.4 - The Island of Rügen.. no.3 - The Ulm Minster. no.2 - Rothenburg ob der Tauber. no1. - Heidelberg Castle