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I had came to, but there was a block cloth around my head, to cover my eyes. I struggled a bit and realize, my arms were tied behind my back, and I was bond to the chair. I was could feel duck tape over my lips. "How long are we holding them?"
I heard a man ask someone. I just relax and ease dropped. "Until we get the word from the boss. And the boss is smart to put them all in different rooms." A door closed, as I used my shoulder to remove the blindfold.
I was in the middle of a windowless room, as I noticed there was two doors. One had to be the exit, and I plan to use it. I moved my jaw while licking my lips, which removed adhesive. While I was doing that, I search for the knots on my wrist.
Was so glad I took escape training lessons on almost all possible scenarios. Once my hands and mouth were free, I worked on the rope that was holding me to the chair. I smirked when I heard to steps coming back towards the door.
"Oh you have no idea how bad I've been wanting to fuck that bitch up. She thinks no one can touch her. Just wait til I'm done with her, she'll be my whore." A man behind the door spoke as his partner and him laughed.
I check body, and saw so fucking glad I wore these shoes. I pulled off the bottom sole of my shoe. I had it hallow our and turn into a storage just in case of scenarios like this. I took out my Stiletto Mock butterfly knife, and hid against the wall that the door was going to touch.
The came into the room, as I caught the door handle. "WHERE THE FUCK DID SHE GO?!" I smirked before slipping by and closing the door on them. I just grin, when I noticed it automatically lock, trapping them in here.
"NO!" They try to get out but it was lock, so I was happy. I noticed though that this hallway looked like a basement, as I noticed a stairway and 3 other doors.
The first door I open, Jay was struggling to get free from his chair. I ran over to him and used my blade to set him free but left the tape on. "You pull that off, so you don't yell." I waved my hand over the tape before running for the next door.
It was pure luck that the three rooms had Lance, Jay and Simon. I train Lance for how to act on these situations. So, when I came to him, he was half way free and had no marks. "Seriously love your lessons right now Sis." Lance hugged me as I kissed his cheek.
"The guards here know who we are on a personal level, Lance." He looked at me confused, when I told him what I learn. "Are you already in Angela mode?" He whispered in my ear, as I looked at Jay and Simon.
"Half... I don't want to risk going to jail anymore. I want to stay with them." I waved at Jay and Simon, as I noticed a smile on my brother's mouth. "Never though I would see the day, my baby sister would find a place to actually call home."
Jay and Simon smiled at me, before an alarm went off. "Prisoners escaped!" We all looked at each other in shock by the choice of words. "Lavi, I love you, but you might need to risk it if we want to get out alive."
Lance spoke as we looked around from a way out. I was stopped dead in my tracks by a back hug from Simon. "Angela, its okay, I'll wait for you." He whispered in my ear, along with the code word, my middle name.
I closed my eyes, as a wave of heart ache washed over my entire body. He was asking to see my dark side. The evil side. The side my father had help me control and tame, and to only let free if my love ones or self were in danger.
Which sadly, we all were, at the moment. I kissed Simon on the lips, before pushing him away from me. "Fine, I'll be Angela, but you better not regret that request, once you see how bad I am." I pointed at him, before taking the lead.
I pulled out a spare mock butterfly knife from my other shoe and handed it to Lance. Tonight I was going to become the Devil himself. Just in case anyone got by me, I needed my brother to step up. Because what ever the reason we got kidnap for, Jay and Simon were dragged into it. They at least needed to get out of here unharmed.
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oh lord help me
Let the devil loose!! Time for some major ass kicking!