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What Helps You Power Through the Day?
Being sick is no fun. It's difficult to be motivated and stay focus when you're not feeling well. The worst 8 hours of life is probably at work when you're trying to battle out the virus and power through the day. Hey neurons, did you catch my mood? Can you transmit this message to the central nervous system so they can take care of this mess?
I wish I could control my nervous systems but truth is I have no control over their business (referencing "Inside Out"). As you can see I'm kind of frustrated to be sick on a weekday but what helps me power through the day is listening to my favorite bubblegum pop (feel good music) and take lots of rest in the evening.

My Bubblegum Pop Playlist (Top 5 Songs)

1. Fahrenheit - Guardian Star
2. G.O.D - 0%
3. Fly to the Sky - Sea of Love
4. Twice - Cheer Up
5. Fahrenheit - I Have My Young
Don't judge. I was a big Fahrenheit fan! We have all the CDS at home.
♥ How do you power through the day?
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Listening to kpop helps me through the day.
a year ago·Reply
I just listen to kpop songs or watch dramas and anime 😅
a year ago·Reply
I hope you really better now! Being sick sucks!!! ☹️ I usually try to listen to songs that I really like at that moment to power through the day. For example, I really like into you by ariana grande right now. If I listen to that song, I'll cheer up immediately.
a year ago·Reply
@MyAffairWith Thanks! I'm feeling much better! I could finally eat bread today so I'm content l. 😊
a year ago·Reply
@cindystran glad to hear that ☺️
a year ago·Reply