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A/N: WARNING! BRUTAL CONTENT! All comments are welcome even in inbox ^^
Previous Chapter: (there will be a collection that will hold the chapters that aren't seen)
I took the lead, Jay and Simon in the middle, as Lace took the rear. I looked around every corner, and follow the air flow to find the way out. We were lucky to not run into any guards yet, but I regretted thinking it. "Oh Lavi~."
We all looked up at The four men that found us. I cracked my neck and knuckles, before twirling my closed mock butterfly knife in my left hand. "Oh does that mean we really get to see what code name Angela is about?"
One of them spoke as he smirked. I tilt my head at his comment, and just stared. "Wait! I know were my body guard in the states? What the fuck is going on?" The guard rolled his eyes before licking his lips.
"Got offer a better pay job. You think you were going to get away with beating up a mobster's son." I laughed as I smiled at them all. Apparently my laugh had annoy the four guards. He gave away what was the cause of all this, as I remember why I went to the states.
My older sister's stalkers that wouldn't leave her alone, just so happen to be an Italian mobster's son. "Lance do me a favor. Make sure these two get out unharmed." He nodded his head as the annoyance turn to rage on the guards face.
"I knew I would of killed that little bitch." One of them swung at me, but ended up taking my foot to there face. "You asked if you get to see what my code name was all about? Well if you were for the pussy ass little bitch, then yes you do get to see Angela. But I will not grantee you will get to see tomorrow."
Another came at me, as I release the blade from its home, and stabbed him right in the stomach. I took hold of his face with my hand, and pressed a point in his jaw, that cause it to shatter in my hand. He called out in agony, as the other three froze in their place.
I pulled out the knife and twilled it. I licked my lips, and smiled at them. "Who next." One pulled a gun at me, and I just raise an eyebrow. "Puta." I laugh as I spoke, and face the gun head on. "Better make sure you kill me, cause if you don't I'll kill you."
I went licked the blood off the knife. I was feel too calm right now, for a sane person. "What the fuck, so Angela is your little inner murder? Wow, props to your father for being able to tame it." My bother's former body guard was in awe by my behavior.
I could see the sweat running down his face, as he smiled. "You protected Lance right? Didn't you know that someone almost killed him?" The former employee looked at Lance, as my brother nodded at me.
The former employee back away, as he looked back me. "All those stories he told me, and video's he show me... That... That was you." I winked at him as I grinned. "Don't cross me or fuck with my family, you will become him." I pointed at the guy, who was now pass out from the pain.
"In another 20 minutes, he will die from lost of blood, thanks to the the organ I struck." I didn't look move as I grabbed the gun that was being pointed at my head. I broke his arm, making him let go and took the gun. When one motion, I shot all of them in there legs. Then, hit them in the head with the back of the gun.
I took all their guns, gave one to Lance, put to behind my back, while kept holding one I fired. "Lala?" I turn to face Jay, and saw I had actually scared him and Simon. "I told I was holding back when I fought, Nari."
I was starting to feel fear myself, now that Simon was seeing this side of me. But I just kept reminding myself that it was to get them to safety. I just shot every guard that came at us, and walked calmly towards the exit.
I wasn't gonna deal with all of them. Simon, Jay and Lance were the only thing I was thinking of. When my guy was empty, I threw it at one of the guards throats, before taking out one of the two other guns. "I feel like my little sister is sercetly Deadpool."
I giggled at Lance's comment and decided to use it to make them feel more calm about what I was doing. One of the guards pulled out a gun at me, and I smirked. "WHERE FRANCIS YOU BITCH!" Lance busted out laughing as I saw the guy in the shoulder, took his gun and kicked him in the head.
"Lavi, no joking around. This is serious." Lance scolded me, even though he was laughing. "You called me with it." A gun was fired but I didn't see it. I turn around to see Jay was shot. Lance had fired back at the person that got Jay.
I ran over to stand in front of them and took the next bullet that was meant for Lance. It hit my chest, but I didn't know where. I just shot the guy straight in the head. "Jay." I turn to look at him, and saw it went through is arm. "Lavi, you're shot too."
I was ripping my shirt, so I can tend to his wounded arm. "Yeah but my adrenaline is numbing it out." Once I had the fabric tired, Lance took hold of Jay and help him get out. I search the dead guard for a cell phone.
I really was lucky at the moment, cause he had one, and it had service. I dialed 119 (911 in Korea), and left it under the guys dead body. "Lets move, I got emergency line being called, so they will find us before we get out."
They nodded there heads, as Simon grabbed my arm. "Lavi, you're hit, you need to be treated." I kissed his cheek and gave him a warm smile. "No time for that, I'll be treated once where out." We kept moving, when we finally to a floor level with windows.
We could hear sirens and people screaming to move. I found a door that had a draft from a door, and kicked it open. We were greeted by men in blacked an a man with a cast on his arm. "I knew I should of just had them kill you."
It was my sister's stalker, as I just laugh and fired off a round into his leg. They all pulled out a gun, and point it at us. "If you shoot anyone, it better be to kill me. Cause I already killed the man that shot Jay." I admitted to my crime, as the stalker winced, while looking at me.
He was kneeling now, since I shot his leg. "You really are a crazy bitch. You're life is over now, whether you are alive or dead." I pointed the gun at his head, and was shot again, the moment the cops came breaking in. "KILL HER!"
The stalker shouted, as another bullet enter my body. No one else fired, since the cops where here. I felt down onto my knees, before hiring my gun, at the stalker. The moment I felt to lay down on the ground, I had noticed the boys where shot too. I turn my head to look that stalker.
The bullet I shot, had graze him. So with my the last of my strength, I moved my arm up, and made sure if I was going down he went with me. I aimed for his head and fired, before I blacked out. My last thoughts were sorry, to Jay, Simon and Lance.
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Omg! That was so intense! 😱 but now my babies are shot 😭. She took the son out but what about the father? 🙄.
Damn!!!! omg what the hell! omg you sue was kicking ass
@pandaqueenbee what you mean she dead nooooooooo you can't she Simon just got together they need to make lil simon and lavi babies first uggggghhhhh my heart but Jay, simon, and lance are OK tho right RIGHHHHHHHTTTTTT!!!?!?!
@pandaqueenbee it would've been easier if they were both in the same place but now I think she'll have a bigger problem 😐.
@pandaqueenbee seriously wwwhyyy ... shit I can't... smh wtf just damn
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