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Deutsch /english Hope, you like it x3 The pink one was a present for a random person in my circle. I love this kind of trade. You get a Card from someone, you dont know who and you makes the same with an other person. So cute<33 The other Cards are all trade-cards. In the future, I will upload more and I hope u will enjoy it <3 ___________________________________________ Die erste Karte ist ein wichtelgeschenk gewesen und die anderen sind alle für einen Tausch verbraucht wurden xD Ich kenn mich mit der Seite noch nicht ganz aus aber ich würd gern, dass englischsprachige UNd Deutsche meine Beiträge lesen können. Hoffe ich finde es noch raus, wie man 2 Sprachen wählen kann xD Lubov
Oh xDD To trade cards is normal in germany xD artists collect there cards and I love it to have so many cards *Q* I will show u my collection. Its beautiful *Q* I´m wondering, that nobody knows Art-Trads with cards.
@Lubov Oh! I will start from there too ^.^ I think that drawing has so many styles and specially fan art!! I want to learn how to draw things on my own so I can draw my favorite artists ~~ But I'm also really curious about how you started to trade cards!!
@alex9094 yeah at first I started to copy pictures by other artists and than I learned to see the anatomie by my self. Now I dont need references only for clothes. Hope it will helps u too <333
@Lubov That is a great idea *.* Is that how you started to draw your own pieces??
@alex9094 Ohhh its so cute >.< thx I know .. to learn to draw ist sooo slow xD but I think the best what u can do is to draw the anatomy of other pictures by other artists. So u learn the real and nice poses and next time u able to draw it alone *Q* <3
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