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It's another new morning; trying not to be blue. "Wake up strong lady, we will make it through." Let's smile till the day comes when God has finally fulfilled the promise of happiness and true love for all of my years. I will not try to chase or find you. God said I must wait. I have done enough already Now it's time to stop, to trust and have more faith. I will know when you come because you will win my heart through Christ. For now, I stayput and wait for heaven's work of art. Oh Lord, the mystery may tempt me but keep me strong till your gift arrives. Always remind me that my prayer of love lies safe in your arms. It is never forgotten, always read and prayed by the angels above. Repeatedly everyday until it's time to love. I shall wait,Lord, I will. In Your time, I shall receive true love.
I think that God will not forget you and you can find a better one.