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Little do teenagers know that once they get past college, the adult parties are going to be less about cheap beer and keg stands and more about sipping wine, eating hors d'euvres from Trader Joe's, and talking about your favorite house-cleaning hacks.

How do you and your friends party?

@CynthiaForeman OH NO. That's how I am at weddings tbh lol. I drink too much at the beginning and forget that I didn't eat while I was getting ready, so by the time the first course is coming around, I'm already crunk.
@danidee nice! lol thats what we need to do because when you eat and drink you get drunk, but we dont eat so were fucked up lmao! 馃槀
@CynthiaForeman We eat tons of food. Lol, we're all a bunch of eaters.
@danidee thanks i actually like my group of friends lol! and it is fun, what do you do with your friends?!
@iixel LOL Yes. And sometimes it's just more fun to watch because you can talk shit about how bad someone is without wanting to throw your controller.
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