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Yuno's umbilical cord was left to her as a present from her original parents. ➴ Anime • Future Dairy
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creepy bitch. i can't stand her
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^please do not insult the waifu.
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@HenryStill u must be bat shit crazy
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@alexmajor0 no i just like my girls bat shit crazy ;]
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@HenryStill sorry dude I mean no disrespect. I like a little bit of crazy to which is why I like Kurumi tokisaki a lot, however this chick is on a completely level of bat shit crazy. If her insanity was like a building, most people would be on the first 10 floors with the occasional 20 or 30 floor. But she stands at the top on the 100 floor of crazy. no one else can even come close. Like i said i dont mean any disrespect. I know everyone likes different things and I respect that, she's just not my cup of tea is all.
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