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My favorite drama ending.

#1) Two Weeks

Nell - Run
LOVE LOVE LOVE This drama and the OST. This is my favorite K-drama ending of all time. It's one of those OST that keeps you on the edge of your chair and impatient for the next episode. The title is 'Run' and for the most part the entire drama is about Lee Junki running for his life. There's no appropriate ending song than this.

#2) Miss No Good

Rainie Yang - Take Me Away
It's been so long but this one has been my favorite ending to date. This era was the start of Rainie changing her overall style from girly to mature. It actually matches well with the drama as the story is girl who goes through transformation.

#3) Prince of Ling Lang

Della - Heart of Palm
This is a historical drama and this drama has one of the most beautiful scenes and music ever. I also really like sub-theme. The ending theme is a mix of modern and traditional Chinese instrument. Which is why I really like it!
That's my last card of the day. I'll need to get some rest now before my throat get worse. =) Again, feel free to comment below or join the challenge!
@cindystran you have watched a lot of dramas that I haven't. A lot of them seem interesting but my to watch list os already so long and I don't have enough time😢. And her voice is amazing. I will listen to more of her songs.
@cindystran Wow, I'm glad she did because know I got to hear her voice.
@biancadanica98 She used to be in a girl group (forgot the name) before going solo! Her songs are all catchy. :D
I love Rainie! I didn't even know she could sing until I heard her sing in Why Why Love.
@cindystran ah okay, I am also not up to date. I thought that I could catch up with the episodes but the opposite happened. I actually watch less episodes in the summer break than when I went to school and stuff😒
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