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Deutsch /english Hi everyone <3 Here u can see 2 of my ACEO-Cards. Thats are not my OCs but I think there are so cute x3 The first one was lost by the post-station T___T but the second card is already by my trade-mate. ______________________________________ Hey meine Lieben x33 das sind 2 alten Tauschkarten mit einer ganz lieben Person x33 das sind ihre tollen Ocs und leider ist die erste Karte verloren geganngen T__T Dafür ist die zweite Karte aber gut angekommen x33 Lubov
@Lubov So sweet!! >.< ~~~~ I will try my best!! I am so excited to see your next cards!! *.*
@ale9094 I know u will do that <33 Its a long way but I think with practice u will be a nice artist in a short time <33
@miranpark88 I´m sorry I dont know what do you mean xD My english isn´t god sry xD basis and pieces stacked up? And yeah nice to meet you Miran <333 I never thougt, that I get so much feedback on this site. Thanks <33
@Lubov thank you >.< !!!! I would really like to learn tips from people who can draw really well!! So I can start draw and share some of my own stuff too ^.^
@Lubov i think its so cool that people can draw like thisssss!! because as i said like least artistic person everrrr!! do you draw on a regular basisss? or do you have some pieces stacked up?? ohh!! by the wayyy im Miran :D nice to meet youuu!!
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