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@Tapsamai oh! that finnish men is so honorable! its so taugh decision.. we, korean think 2years in the army is kinda spending time unnecessarily. Nowadays professional player who won medal in international competition, don't have to do his military service:D So, its optional. the medalist want to do his service, he can do. but as i know, there's no one want to spend 2years in there. lol military fashion remind me that time XD
@tapsamai yes there is a new digital camo style that has been out. It's quite expensive though
@comeback82 yah i heard that korean men have to go to army. Taking about the army service, in Finland 2 years ago, there is a NHL player, as the law in Finland, he does not need to go to the army, but he just postpone the contract with the US team, and come back to serve for the army, and he said with the media "Serving for Finnish army, is a honor of any Finnish citizen" - The contract deal that he postpone is few millions dollars :/. So in Korea, if you are in football team or something, do you need to go to the army still ?
Hahahahahahaha so crazy hahaha....
@Tapsamai yes! korean women don't have to go to the army. but if he don't have any problem for being soldier all men must go there and can get that awsome camo suit! included underwear and socks @takashi02 yup thx thats right and these days I heared about korean camo pattern changed.. kinda digital camo? dont know well XD
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