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Today is a Monday, and the best way to end the night is with Seyoungiekins (my special name for him) ♡

Today will be my favorite Seyoungie Moments ♡

❧ When him and Sangminnie Bear took Shin's harassment to Yongseok to a whole new level.

❧ Whenever he's loving on Takuya

❧ Serenading TAKTAK.

❧ Making Tak laugh

❧ Them picking on each other

❧ JUST them in general

❧ When he opens mouth and inserts his own foot. . .

❧ When he ruins the Maknae and goofball's video ♡

❧ When Seyoung drills Shin & helps Yongseok get payback for the embarrassment he landed on him earlier.

❧ Any Seyoung moment is my favorite moment ♡

❧ BUT the best and most favorite Moment is When he transforms into a sweet angelic-looking Savage ♡●♡

❦ CandY Mod Squad ❦

❦ CandY Babies ❦

If you would like to be added to the tag list, please leave a comment below!!!! ♡♡

@AimeeH of course i would lol thank you again~
@taetaebaozi No problem! If you need any help at all, please don't hesitate to let me know! ♡ These boys could use all the love they can get!
@AimeeH aww thank you then haha
@taetaebaozi It's okay love! They are really underrated! I have loved them from debut, but I love when I meet new fans and get to welcome them into the fandom! Spreading the love as the Cross Gene Community mod is one of my most favorite things!!
@AimeeH ikr! takuya is adorable idk why i havent noticed cross gene until now
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