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Here's the second part of the "double update" (sorry it's so late!) which turns out is gonna be part of a two or three part series...Looks like I have more problems with this subject than I thought. The series is called "FAT"?! and each part will have a specific topic about it, the first being "Dieting".


This card contains my PERSONAL thoughts and feelings. Some may find the content offensive.
Dieting in the K-pop industry is a big thing, I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing, as long as they're doing it for the right reasons - like for the their heath, or wanting to feel good about themselves - but when they start dieting because of the ignorant and thoughtless words of their "fans", that's when I have a problem with it.

" Should I let you know? Are you curious? Please listen...for three months I didn't have any carbs, no rice or grains. If I wanted to eat something I'd chew it then spit it out (to not forget the taste.) Even if you don't have any carbs, after three days you'll forget (to not have carbs). Everyone's determined to struggle through three days right? After I completed my abs, I thought a lot if I should show or not because there are young people here and the feeling of me would be gone. That feeling is strong in myself. That's why for that image to be shown, I didn't want to strip..."

- EXO's Baek Hyun, 2016
Sometimes "fans" really remind me of why I have problems with the human race. Let's take a moment to talk about the above images. Image no.1: You may be asking yourself - " Why did she pick this picture? He's happily eating Pizza? " - Well, the reason I picked it is because of someone's comment on it that is not in the photo. It said; " Make sure you don't get fat baby! "

......Are you kidding me??

Image no.2: " Oppa, you gained weight! Lose some weight. "



..............ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

How can people - fans! - say such things?! I mean come on! No wonder we have idols getting dizzy, vomiting and passing out left and right. We as "fans" tell them that if we cant's see the outline of their bones, or if we don't see flat stomachs and six packs then they're ugly, untalented (as if their looks have anything to do with their talent), and not worthy of our "love" and support. Then their feelings get hurt and they start to feel insecure about themselves, so what do they do? They "diet". They starve themselves to the point of vomiting blood and blacking out. Well done "fans" around the world, give yourselves a round of applause.
Thanks ^ ^ again for reading my word vomit, I hope I didn't offend you to much and that you understood what I was trying to say. I'll hopefully post pt.2 sometime this week. Here are some video likes if you want to check them out: About K-pop diets Idols fainting/close calls
Good job, "fans" are quick to criticize idols for body shaming others. Why then do they turn around and do the exact same thing back to idols? I was so saddened and impressed with Baekhyun for saying what he did. My first impression was that he is too thin. I want these boys to develop into men. Men have meat on their bones, it is possible to bulk up and still be sexy. I for one am turned off seeing bones. I want to see strong healthy idols. Male and Female alike. If fans stop expecting and idolizing the emaciated look, it will stop being considered the norm. I love pictures and videos of idols eating, but it breaks my heart to think some of them went and threw up so as to not gain any weight. Keep up with your "word vomit " I support you!
@lcr4562 Thanks for your support, it's nice to know other people think this way too. I will do my best to continue vomiting my words~
OMG himchan made me cry
I appreciated your post. I like EXO but really am an IGOT7. I was horrified when "fans" body shamed Yugyeom after their LA concert. I would be as offended gor any of these guys and gals who devote some much time and energy so we can enjoy and benefit from their talent.