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I love flying in airplanes, but I don't always love the people I have to sit next to. How about you?

What do passengers on planes do that annoys you?

I don't mind if you sleep on the plane, but if you fall asleep with your head on my arm or shoulder, I will be forever annoyed about it.
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you were once a kid and i thini you disturbed a lot of passengers.....so hey
a year ago·Reply
stop complaining about the poor kids
a year ago·Reply
@MaggieHolm I had a friend whose grandparent would give them a little bit of alcohol to sleep lol.
a year ago·Reply
@TheresaOtene I wonder if I did! I wish I could ask my parents how I was when I was on planes and things lol.
a year ago·Reply
I feel that parents should give their children enough alcohol so that they fall asleep once they get on the plane. Then they won't cause as much trouble!
a year ago·Reply