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I love flying in airplanes, but I don't always love the people I have to sit next to. How about you?

What do passengers on planes do that annoys you?

I don't mind if you sleep on the plane, but if you fall asleep with your head on my arm or shoulder, I will be forever annoyed about it.
@CynthiaForeman preach it
People with small ass kids drive me insane. The entire time of my flight all everyone heard was little Michael's mom telling him to come back and sit down or stop pulling the lady's hair in front of them. Stop standing in the seat. Quit kicking the lady's seat. Stop running up and down the aisle. Quit stopping and talking to random people or waking them up was more like it and come sit down. It got to the point where the flight attendants made and announcement saying everyone had to get back in the seats and fasten their seat belts which got him to sit down but then he started crying loudly because he wanted to get up. I wanted to kill little Michael when we landed and everyone tried like hell to get off the damn plane before their asses.
kids tho... i was this close to turning around and yelling "CONTROL YOUR KID"
on a recent trip of mine, a kid kept kicking from the back and another kid kept peeping every 5 seconds from the front. ALSO, on a 12 hour flight, there was this massive guy (he might've been security) and just by his size he was squishing me and I prayed that he wouldn't move his seat in the lying position and HE DID.
@danidee kids overall are pretty annoying, also the parents that let them do whatever they want. my last flight was cancelled, so I could not get the lane seat and the person would not switch with me so it sucked for him cause I had to go pee like every 30 mins lol
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