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So I was looking through the comments of Daehyun's insta post. And once again. Some fans are comparing Yoo Youngjae to Jimin(BTS). It seems they want to start at fanwar. I'm worrying that some immature fans are gonna go to their music video(when it's released) and start talking shit.
Youngjae is Youngjae. Jimin is Jimin. They do not need to be compared to each other. They're their own person. Youngjae is not copying Jimin. And Jimin was not the first to have that hair color. May I remind you 'fans'.
These guys wore that color way before Jimin. Jimin is his own person. He's such an adorable and talented artist. He's actually my bias from BTS. Him and J-Hope. Youngjae is such a sassy angel he doesn't deserve this from fans who are not even 'fans' of my babies. These 'fans' are just trying to start something. BABYz KEEP YOUR CALM. DON'T ARGUE WITH THOSE 'FANS'. JUST SHOWER OUR BOYS WITH A LOT OF LOVE AND POSTIVE COMMENTS. PLEASE. MY BOYS WENT THROUGH SO MUCH. I DON'T WANT THEM TO EVER REGRET COMING BACK TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. JUST BECAUSE OF SOME 'FANS'. I WANT THEM TO BE SO HAPPY.
oh my god I can't freakin understand people that say "this idol copied this idol" because literally all of kpop is a freakin trend. they literally follow movements like hair colors, style, even dances and shows. smh so stupid
Tell me about it. It's just a hair color.. Just immature fans who have nothing to do. But there are some fans who think their oppas are the ones who created the hairstyle, the dances. @otakukpoper @TheEnlightment
it makes me upset that they are comparing him or saying he is copying him just because he has orange hair now