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I really really don't feel right coming on here to rant. But this is the only place where y'all actually read my cards. Maybe y'all might find me so annoying from posting these rants. But I'm literally so heartbroken that my boys have to go through this. I don't like wars. I want peace. I don't want fanwars. I want every fandom to get along. To cheer each other on. To support one another. I'm sorry if I'm being rude in my cards. I'm just so frustrated. I don't say the names of the fandoms cause I don't want to start anything. I love all the boys. I love BAP. BIGBANG. EXO. BTS. BTOB. ASTRO. KNK. MONSTA X. VIXX. FT ISLAND. BLOCK B. IKON. WINNER. TEEN TOP. INFINITE. I've been into KPop since the end of 2013.
Positivity trumps the negative. If only we could all remember that making a negative or angry comment in response to those who participate in fan wars and say hurtful things about our artists only makes things worse and instead respond with positive supportive comments, we could stop a lot of these wars from getting out of hand. For every negative comment, we can write five supportive ones and those will be the ones our idols see. Not that nasty ones.
I will. I will keep in supporting my boys with positivity.! Thank you for your comment.! it meant a lot @MonAnnahiX
Stay Strong ♡ & try not to think about it too much. Keep supporting your groups and leave all the negative aside. Life is too short to be worrying about things and people that put you down.
I wish we all thought this way. @Helixx