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*Health Tip of The Day* - 10 Ways to lose weight without changing your schedule

1. Don't skip breakfast 2. Eat your carbs earlier int he day 3. Ditch the elevator for the stairs 4. Memorize the graph to control meal portions 5. Learn what you're really craving 6. Eat your calories instead of drinking them 7. Make a plan to drink more water 8. Drink a glass before your meal 9. Keep healthy snacks with you 10. Slow down how fast you eat
@oj1992 that is SOOOO true! i always find it like knowing what you are eating and always being aware of what your body needs!!!
@christy @miranpark88 I find that if I eat by 6pm my face will not be so bloated the next day. Also must poo everyday then the stomach will be flat. : )
Drink cold milk no fats after finish running or playing fitness
@christy again!! amazing tipsssss hahahahah i actually got into the habit of drinking water 15 mins before eatingggg it actually helps me not to eat as muchhhh! which one is your favoriteee?
Drink water before eat 15 mins. Last food u eat before sleep at least two hours. Calsuim has a good help to raise fat burning. Fruits are good snakes like bears. Bananas. And bears. From three to four prices of nuts is v. Useful to ur skin
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