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I love to read and write. I love it even more when people read, like and comment them. I try my best to make a good story. Bang Yong Guk oppa. In this one shot he is the bully, he only bullies one certain person. Why? The main Chara will find out why she's been bully. I wrote this before me finding out that he was married and all. that's nice that he kept that part of his life private until he was ready to reveal it. Not just him but his wife. Anyways this one shot is about Eli veen the popular guy in the whole school. And the love begins. Ravi is the ex-boyfriend that was caught cheating but what if it wasn't his fault. He tries his best to get his love of his life back. But, would she believe him and go back to him. This handsome guy is the best friend of the older brother. What would you do when you find out that your email friend just live right next to your house? When you look at Leo you think that he might have the coldest attitude. Maybe he does but something or someone made him have that attitude but one person can change that cold attitude of his. Mark Tuan is your best friend and what happens when you fall for him, you try to keep your feelings to yourself but the feelings keep growing.
my next story ia going to be a forbidden love. it will be Nickhkun oppa. your older brother is going to be Taecyeon oppa. Nickhkun oppa is a rich and wealthy guy that falls for a someone who is not on the same level as him. people try to break them apart but their love is strong. (ahh! sound so cheesy >.<) I'll try and upload it asap