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To the food I want but can't have right now. Ramen.

I found this on the web while searching for recipes! Saving it for next time. I usually don't eat ramen from the cup. I like adding side ingredients like corn, green onions and tofu. I've seen some friends adding cheese to their drain ramen (think of it as a casserole ramen).
Get more inspiration from the video above. My favorite trick is the lid to cone hack!

How do you eat your ramen?

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i haven't read, but i just want to say I love Ramen!!
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my kind of ramen: Shirakawa & Tokyo just because of Naruto 😋
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I'll save this in case my mom doesn't wanna cook, I can make this for myself 😂
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@Scheherashared My favorite is Susake! =)
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