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I love how they all say Xiumin's name the minute Kyujong says pretty...
He really is pretty, beautiful, etheral...you name it...
However he can be the rudest person I've had the pleasure of knowing...
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I'd almost give my soul to know Xiumin. But nothing in this world is worth me losing my soul over even my ultimate special Xiumin. I do love him the most out of all my specials
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omg I'm going to faint from fangirling, Xiumin wae?!?! why are u doing this to me?!?
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Omg I so did not know ss301 liked xiumin too! 馃槺 my life is complete!
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Who can blame them? He's lovely!
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This was such a cute post !! Then out of no where this rude boy comes in at the end like, "Let's spice up this Card with some wet dancing!!" smh why though WHY YOU GOTTA DO DIS TO ME
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