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This is an update on my older brother Michael. One: they did a heart surgery to see if his heart valve was damaged. Two: because he had puss pockets in his brain they gave him a MEGA TON of antibiotics to fight it. Thank you for all of your support as well as all the love you showed us all! He is still alive and kicking!! He went in they cut him open and the heart valve is in near perfect mint condition!!!!! (Le cries) The puss pockets are under control!!!! He is recovering but because of a 104 degree fever for almost two days his muscles all over are still recovering. But other thank that he is amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys you've been such a supportive and loving Vingle Family. Your prayers helped I KNOW it. Heh the love of his life was saying "I need triple chocolate fudge brownies." As she kissed him. Oh they are the best together and they appreciate the prayers and kind words you had to give. Michael, Nessa, Jadie
So happy he's okay!!! We are always here for you!! Hope he can return home soon!
I am happy that everything is going well! I hope he is able to return home soon!!! 😄💖💖
YAY I'm glad everything is going well! :)
So happy he's doing better and your family as well! The Vingle Fam is always here for you 😊💙
wow stay strong everyone! sending all my positive energy your way!