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Hello beans i have decided to introduce you guys to a certain squad who are mega life ruiners they go by the name Yelowsmob

Main lady killer in the group some of you may know....Kwon Minsik aka Sik.k

kept my minsikies intro short and sweet but if you would like to see more of this beautiful creature check out my card *here*

the adorable twins....who double as cat ladies....์ •์„ฑ๋ฏผ Sungmin & ์ •๊ด‘๋ฏผ gwangmin

p.s it's their birthday today :)

Groovy park

aka lowkey bae

the adorably squishy human

ํœ˜๋ฏผ aka literal bean

missing 1 other human but had to show my #1 favorite yelowmob human being (minsikie is #1 as well both beans share the spot because I can't chose between them) .....this human my friends is the absolutely beautiful...and I mean it when I say BEAUTIFUL MODEL ANGEL , GIFT FROM ABOVE , HEAVENLY CREATURE WHO IS ALSO SOMEWHAT OF A CAT LADY ,AND THE MAN WHO KILLS MY SOUL TIMES INFINITY AND BEYOND.....wow okay I'm now calm again ...but this humans name is

์ด๊ด‘๋ฏผ Lee gwangmin aka gwangmin #1 aka my soul

seriously how could anyone not like this beautiful human

and if you want to die some more just add gwangmin with GD or Minsikie and your destined for death