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It's hard to grow up en meet real life.......
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I hate growing up.......
@cees Yeah, me too. It's incredibly depressing 90% of the time and most of the things we were promised were complete bullshit. Lol. I guess the one good thing is that we do get to make our own decisions now. We can decide how we choose to react and what/who we like or love. No one is telling us what to do or think. So, there's that...right? I guess we have to take the small victories. :)
@ButterflyBlu yeah, you're right about that, although making your own decisions also comes with great responsability, especially when you're a single parent, as i am too馃槈 my son is my big victory, and i guess making my own decisions conserning him, can als be really satisfying, we have to open our doors , cause the sun never shines on closed doors (flogging molly,) check out my card about them...
@cees ah yes, I totally understand that sentiment. Being a single parent is the ultimate responsibility, I think. We don't have a back-up plan at all. There's no one to bounce our ideas off of and no one to tell us that we're doing ok (or royally messing everything up!) If we screw up, we screw up and that's that. We suffer the consequences and have to fix it... BUT, if we get it right, it's like hitting a jackpot and knowing that we figured that one out all by ourselves, right?! It's exhausting but oh so gratifying! Lol How old is your son? Oh and I love Flogging Molly! 馃挏