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Sorry I haven't updated...I got caught up in my collaboration story Kookie Monster.... I finally got this chapter how I want it and here ya go....all good stuff....Enjoy!!! Just joining? start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 8 Continue reading? Part 10
I glanced at kookie and saw he was looking at our hands together. He started tracing my hand with his fingers. I giggled. "Stop that tickles." "Ha sorry." He stopped but then within an instant he was on top of me. We both had fallen over with the quick turn and since neither of us were wearing a seat belt it sort of happened. His lips had touched mine and I was gone. My brain turned to mush and I just wanted to feel his lips again. He hovered over me after the kiss. I was staring at him. I was looking for some sort of sign that he wanted more than a friendship still. I looked at his eyes and his lips and back again. He smiled and licked his lips then sat back up. "Sorry this Jerk came out of no where. " the driver said. "I'm sorry." Jungkook whispered with a smile. "It's ok...not like you planned that." I bit my lip What was I suppose to do. He was making it really hard on me. We got to there dorm and received the grand tour. Right away Suga and Megan left us. So we sat on the couch and started playing some video games. "Sarah you can call me Jungkookie if you want. I'm ok with you saying it." Jungkook said staring at the tv. "Are you sure? I don't want you to be annoyed with me." "Trust me I won't get annoyed it's cute when you say it." "Ok Jungkookie." I smiled and went back to playing the game. He beat me in some levels and I beat him on some. We were just having a grand time. At one point I took his remote so I could get ahead of him. "Hey that's cheating" He said reaching for the controller. "Let me just get past you." I laughed as I tried to push him off of me with one of my feet but he just ended up squishing me to the floor. He grabbed his control but I didn't let go. I had been looking at the screen trying my best to drive one handed and I realized he wasn't trying to pull the controller out of my hand so I turned to face him and our lips almost touched. We locked eyes. My heart beat started to beat faster I'm sure he could hear it. I had let go if the controller but he still didn't move. If I tried to move at all we would kiss so I stayed put. He looked down to my lips and back up and that's when I decided. I was gonna do it. That way he knew that friends was ok but I wanted more. "I'm sorry" I whispered then pressed my lips to his. It started off as a calm kiss but the longer we kept our lips touching the more intense it got. We had our tongues touching. He had put his hands under me to pull me closer to him and I put my arms around his neck. We didn't even hear Suga and Megan walk in the room. Until Suga kicked Jungkooks foot. Then we stopped. We quickly seperated. "Um....I'm gonna go to the bathroom" I jumped up and ran away. All they knew is that we were friends...but obviously now it was clear neither of us wanted to be just friends. I put some water on my face to cool me down. There was a knock at the door. I opened it to Megan smiling. "Soo how was it?" "Amazing! I think I could get use to kissing him." "See those boys know how to kiss and it kills us. I hate the idea of long distance relationship but thanks to him I'm ok with doing it" She said smiling. "Yea." After that we ate lunch and during lunch neither Jungkook or I could stop smiling. After lunch Megan and I then went home since they had to work.

Fwd>>>>>>2 weeks

Over the last two weeks I have spent a lot of time just me and kookie. We didn't kiss again since that day 2 weeks ago which is ok. I go to his dorms because it is easier to spend the time away from the public. Plus he is really busy so if I'm not lucky enough to deliver food to him and the guys then at the dorm is the only place I can see them. Jungkook and I play alot of games and watch movies but most of the time it's just for a little bit so he can go to sleep. I have ended up sleeping there a few times because our game battles go a little too long and he doesn't want me going home so late by myself since he wasn't allowed to leave after a certain time. During these times I had grown fond of him and couldn't shake the feeling anymore. I was in love with him and I flirted with him alot. But he did it right back at me. Megan and Suga were dating officially and I never really saw her. Unless she was at home when I was there but she was normally showering then heading out. She was busy with work and spending extra time with Suga. She was full on in love with him. One night Megan had heard me on the phone with Kookie and stopped to tell me something. "Sarah....I think you should stay friends with'll hurt too much if you go farther and have to end it when you leave." Then she was gone. What the hell was that. She was the one encouraging me to tell him last week and now she's changing her tune. I pulled the phone back up. "Did you hear what she said?" "No what did she say?" "Oh nothing really just some gibberish." I laughed "So what are you doing tonight?" "Me nothing really just laying in know thinking about you." "Really now? Well.....maybe.....I can come over." *ding dong* "Hold on there's someone at the door." "Who would be there so late?" "I don't know." I walked down to the door. "Kookie?" I couldn't hear him on the phone anymore. I looked at it. Did I hangup on him. Oh well I'll call him back after I get the door. I opened it to a boutique of roses hiding the person's face. But I could tell who it was by the hand holding it. "Kookie what are you doing?" "Awe how'd you know it was me." He said pulling the flowers away from his face. "Your hand. Come in." He handed me the roses and followed me in. We went into the kitchen and put them in a vase or at least a pitcher. "So Sarah I wanted to ask you something that's why I came over tonight." "What is it?" He grabbed my hand and pulled me so I was closer to him. "I have had so much fun with you this last month and I know I was trying to be good but I can't do it anymore." "Do what anymore?" "I can't be your friend anymore." "What why?" "Because I love you! I want you to be my girlfriend. Would you want to be my girlfriend?" "You know Kookie if you would have asked me 2 weeks ago I would have probably said no. I was so dead set on not going any farther than that. But now.......OF COURSE I would love to be your girlfriend." In an instant he picked me up and swung me around and then pressed his lips to mine. "Jimin was driving me crazy he kept saying you guys were very close and that he was gonna ask you out and I just didn't like that at all." "Yea Jimin has been doing that since we went to the amusement park. He said it was to make someone jealous......Omg it was you wasn't it?" "Well it worked so I'm going to say yes it was for me." "Ha that's funny I was so oblivious to it." Megan was a little pissed with me when I told her that we were dating. "Sarah you cannot be with him! You are leaving in 2 months and you live in a different country!" Megan said. "Oh like you have room to talk your leaving in 2 months too." "Actually I'm not I decided I don't need to go back. I have nothing that I care about back there." "Are you serious?" "Yea I love Suga and as long as he loves me back I dont want to leave his side." "Well I'm allowed to date who I want." I snapped "Did you at least tell Jungkook. He should know your leaving in 2 months." "I haven't....but I will tell him." "Yea maybe you should have told him before you said yes to him." She was going me attitude "You know, I can date him for the next 2 months and then worry about us." "You should think about it now not later." "Just shut up megan!" I said and stormed out of the apartment. I know she was right I needed to tell him. I got to the dorms and rang the bell. Jungkook answered it and I just gave him a hug. "Babe are you ok?" "No I got in a fight with megan...." "About?" He pulled back to look at me. "About us" "What for?" He then pulled me to the couch and we sat down "Kookie...I have to tell you something...." "What?"
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