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Welcome to the Nakama Family Picnic!
We're all friends here, right? Then let's chat more! I was inspired by @Boinx 's card to create some more cards where we can just CHAT every day!!!

So I came up with the idea of Nakama Family Picnic!

Here's how it will work:

Every evening for the month of August, someone in our Nakama will post a card where we can all talk about something!!!! The idea is to get everyone just chatting in the comments, like we're at a picnic together!!
I haven't decided what we'll talk about each day -- that's up to our nakama!
I'm doing today's discussion card (READ IT HERE!) and everyone can sign up for their own days!

Here's what's available:

August 5: @ctsr1
August 8: @nimm14
August 9: @DenisseSanchez
August 11: @Boinx
August 12: @Mikazuki1
August 14: @MiyukiKawaii
August 15: @Imagide
August 16:
August 17:
August 18: @AdamDean
August 19:
August 20:
August 21: @assasingod
August 22:
August 23: @Bmondragon93
August 24: @yulissab2015
August 25:
August 26: @IsaiahByrdII
August 27: @KdCoalson
August 28: @SymoneBelcher
August 29: @lexysan
August 30: @tbanj97
August 31: @Nyan

Comment below what date YOU want to be in charge of the picnic for ;)

Tagging some of Nakama, but anyone can join in!
@Mcboss @mymi @JaeneashaJones @LittleAika @Majestical @JayaBlush @otakukpoper @xxxanimewolfxxx @BrookeVerel @skygrinderdrive @ZephyrBlaze @ComicGeek94 @LateefMolette @AichaBangoura @TheQuietComic @JuanSantiago @BlackFawn @Minekidz @NickMcCormick @lovelikematoi @Gibbous1992 @dnwaozuzu @LunaticIssei @BelleofRay @BryceTerao @NathashaXavier @xero0 @H8rt4u @breannemma12 @TheRedWolf35 @JimenaChiquito @ElaineMcgarden @Alletaire @Gajeel122 @BlackXShield @MoisEsGaray @Beanerific321 @nicocoup @akashilover @Mikazuki1 @micahirene @mayarich03 @Brooke2684 @ZavianHarper @MarcusCollins @Nueoc @cjrose23 @JaelynBailey @OGv6FATE @slatedunamas @NickDabon @Animemittens @Tylor619 @MicSam691 @Bestfluteever @bdburich627 @GUMMYB34RZz @jeremimzy17 @MaddyScoop @YeseniaF @FalseLove @PoisonFlower @CoryWilkening @DemonAngel522 @artrix1994 @Bmondragon93 @Gracielou0717 @TakamiRen @JeffHarvey @NaBi7 @DorianBeil @yulissab2015 @AnimeDragon @MikeCopersito @AnbuRose @CandyApple22 @kimnam94 @Max2016 @MisakiNanase @Moonpie15b @MichaelCochran @Silverfang @JackiStyles @MorganAlys @SarahVanDorn @Xgnsouls16 @DaWayneHoskins @AdreannaLyn @reyestiny93 @Azulto @SymoneBelcher @KiNg4LiFe @JayKumor @Scrltrose @reaper412 @TehDL @JaredDaigre @ErzaAsuka @DanielOsorio @AimeBolanos @SantaraJones @DanieWilkins @WinterWolf027 @SimplyAwkward @JessicaChaney @JFrost @Lisanna10 @arnelli @Nyan @KrisTheFreak @MiyukiKawaii @saber1 @nimm14 @PiplupBlue @tbanj97 @NikkoNikole @LadyLuna @animerg13 @BloodNigh345t @Alcides13 @lexysan @TonyTonyChopper @doggyrainbow88 @TylerCassalata @Sabertooth @Andrewmicaletti @KennyMcCormick @IsaiahByrdII @AllieGrabowski @HaleyWilson666 @raikage00 @TylerCinamella @FaithMorrison @isssc1100 @StephenMorse @JesusVillarreal @ctsr1 @MzDawson31508 @RamonPizarro @NessaB @jamesyoungs @AyanaRowe @MichaelPeltier @ShakirBishop @norseman @LeshelleHoward @AnimeFreak484 @MasonBurt @Priscillasdoor @rhanes @SarahSutcliff @CoraBost @KeeganMayfield @TejahPeters @LCordz @MimmiBumble01 @MalcolmAllen @Flare4522 @ArtCrazy @HiwaRasul @Imagide @DomenicNardella
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Today's question is up! https://www.vingle.net/posts/1718054
a year ago·Reply
@hikaymm It turns out I can't do it on the 22nd, I'll have to cancel
a year ago·Reply
@ErzaAsuka that's okay! thanks for letting me know ^^ do you wanna do a different day? it's cool if not~
a year ago·Reply