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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 7 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson & Yugyeom of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Wonho's POV His knuckles were whiter than they already were at the sight of I.M kissing Y/N. His jaw was clenched tight, he held back the growl coming up from his throat. He had no strength to go up against I.M, besides he was his maker. He knew her name though, the moment he saw her he sounded almost happy. He had caught her off guard with the kiss but seconds later she had roughly pushed him off of her saying, The hell are you doing!" Despite the obvious shock in her face that she had enough strength to push him back that hard, Shownu was instantly in her face grabbing her neck. Within a flash, Hoseok was between them. "Let her go." he said. "She put her hands on the King." Shownu said. "After he kissed her." Hoseok snapped back. "You dare go against I.M?" Shownu barked. "Shownu she is mine now let her fucking go." he practically growled. "I told you we should've killed her." Shownu said. "Then I would've killed you." I.M said standing up. Shown and Hoseok looked back at I.M shocked. Their brothers behind him had their eyebrows raised. Shownu was his number two guy, the beloved son. None of them could fathom that he just said he'd kill Shownu because of her. His eyes glowed yellow as he looked back at Shownu, "Let her go damn it." he said. He released his grip from her and she fell to the floor coughing. Hoseok turned to her quickly lightly touching the side of her neck. "Are you okay?" he asked. She nodded but she still had her hand to her throat. Her eyes were glowing purple never once turning back to their normal shade and her fangs were out. He could hear the rush in her blood, he could feel her excitement or fear he wasn't sure which one it was. He stood her up and held onto her hand, "Wonho you've claimed her?" I.M spoke. Hoseok nodded wordlessly. I.M looked at him annoyed, he squeezed her hand tighter. He couldn't watch him kill another claim. I.M looked back to Y/N. "You would let him claim you but not me?" he asked. They knew each other but for how long and how come he didn't know about it? "That girl is dead, the one standing in front of you right now is much different. So what if he claimed me, I don't care and based off our last encounter neither should you." she answered. "That was an accident." he said. "Murdering my entire family and me was just an accident? That must be a funny story why don't you let me in on that one, huh?" she chuckled. "Y/N becareful he's still the King." Hoseok whispered to her. She chuckled, "The King, some King losing his mind at the drop of one human's blood." She said annoyed. "You're families blood was different. You were different, you were my wife damn it." I.M shouted. Hoseok's hand left her when he heard wife. What the hell? They were married? I.M had separated himself from his progenys for sometime and during that time no one had heard from the King of Vampires. She was that reason? When he came back to them, he wouldn't say where he had been or what he had done and it was always in his eyes that whatever happened was haunting him. If anyone so much as asked him what was wrong he'd get upset. It made sense now why he kissed her when he saw her. He still loved her: his wife. "Were, as in past tense. As in not anymore." she said bitterly. It was clear she hated him and him killing her entire family and her was a pretty good reason to hate him. Still she came into the bar looking for someone. She wasn't scared of him because she knew him and she hated him. Was she hunting I.M? If she was he wasn't going to tell I.M; he may have been loyal to him but he killed Yoona and he hadn't forgiven that. Still it wasn't like she could kill I.M on her own and playing off of his affection for her didn't seem to be her play either. What the hell was she up to? "You belong to me Y/N I don't care who has claimed you, you are still mine." I.M said. "Changkyun I don't belong to you. It's two hundred years later and I've slept with plenty of other men that have wanted to claim me. Hoseok's the only one I've let do such a thing." she smiled. That really pissed I.M off. Hoseok liked that he was the only to claim her, even I.M couldn't claim her. "Take back your claim now." he demanded Hoseok. Hoseok looked at him not wanting to and didn't move for a moment. "Now Wonho." he said upset. "Do you really think him taking back his claim will mean I'll come running to you? If he takes his claim back I'm walking out of here." she said. "You're not leaving me again." I.M said fury in his voice. "If he doesn't take it back I can always kill him, that will end his claim on you completely." he finished. She swiftly pulled out a gun she had and pressed the barrel to her heart, finger on the trigger ready to pull back. "Y/N!" Both Hoseok and I.M said. "You kill him I'll pull this trigger faster than you'll have time to blink. He takes his claim back I'll pull the trigger. You still wanna try and threaten me? I've died once already it wasn't that bad and this way will be much quicker and far less painful. Now can we skip the soap opera drama and get down to the real reason why I'm here?" she said. I.M's jaw clenched and he turned around to walk back to his seat behind the large desk. His brothers moved from in front of it to look at him. Hoseok pulled the gun away from her chest and told her to put it away. She nodded and did as he asked. He kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear, "Don't ever do that again." "What did your blood do to me?" she whispered back. He pulled back to look at her. Her eyes were still purple and her fangs were still out. It was like she couldn't pull it back. Hoseok gave her a slightly shrug and shook his head. He truly didn't know what Vampire blood did to half lives. The next half hour was spent trying to figure out what to do with Yugyeom. He was still out of it and a few times he regained consciousness but he was mumbling none sense. She confessed she pretty much poisoned him with her blood. She was dangerous, she knew exactly what she was doing. Hoseok was ordered by I.M to stay by him, he obviously didn't want him near her. He still couldn't get that of out his head. She was his wife? How did she even get Changkyun to marry her? Changkyun wasn't the type to get in too deep.. I.M had the others go check the rest of the bars for their cash, Shownu was to take Yugyeom to the cells, leaving Hoseok for last. Y/N stood there, the effects of his blood not wearing down just yet. "Check the casino on the east end. Anything I'm missing keep a record of. I dont care if it's a penny I want to know." I.M said. "Yes my King." he said obediently. He turned to leave stopping by Y/N, she was staring at I.M in anger. Hoseok hesitantly touched her cheek and she looked up at him. Her expression getting softer. "Just be careful getting home tonight. I'll come if you call for me." he whispered. "Do you think I'm so weak that I can't get home by myself?" she asked a smile breaking through. "Not weak, arrogant." "I'll give you that." she chuckled. He pressed his forehead against hers, she looked away from him. "If I kissed you now you'd only think I'd be doing it for him." she said. "Probably." he said lowly. "Hoseok move it!" I.M said getting impatient. She placed her hands on his chest and lightly pushed him away. "Go, I'll see you later." she said. "Don't do anything stupid." he said. He walked to the door, before he got out he could hear her say, "No promises." He didn't want to leave her in that room with him alone. He'd kiss her again, touch her, she might fight but someone that she was married to... His touch would be too familiar and she'd fall to him eventually. He only sent him out to the east side to keep him away long enough into the night that he wouldn't see her. He would probably do it more often so he couldn't see her. He wanted to take her back and Hoseok could only wonder what he could do to make sure that didn't happen. Yoongi's POV Yoongi got back to the dorm with the bag that Y/N and him had their weapons in. He immediately dropped it once he was inside. Jackson looked up at him. Yoongi was slightly shaking from what he had seen. He hadn't seen a dead body since he drank from his girlfriend. Those images came back to his mind only freaking him out more. How could Y/N be so calm about killing, she was so calm and straight forward when she shot Yugyeom. Sure they were all trying to kill her but it was like a normal everyday occurrence for her. She had really shut off her feelings. How can he trust someone like that? "Where the hell is Y/N?" Jackson asked. "She took him back to the bar." Yoongi answered. "Was she hurt?" Jackson asked. He nodded, "She had a hole in her hand from when he stabbed her with a stake. She may have a few bruises and such after that. I don't know if she healed, he drank from her though it was weird his reaction was like he was high." Jackson sighed, "She must've drank alcohol. I told her he was too dangerous, a trick like that is going to mess with her." "What do you mean?" Yoongi asked. "Vampires typically avoid the blood of humans that are drunk certain types of alcohol they drink hits harder than others. Wine isn't that bad it's a quick buzz. Hard liquor hurts though, vampires tend to hallucinate. They're bodies feel like they're on fire. It's extremely painful, because Y/N is a half life, she can drink it but it hurts her too. Once she took three shots and the vampire that drank her blood lost his mind. After that she a weird side effect." Jackson said. "Weird how?" "She was hungry, hungrier than usual. If she was focused enough to get Yugyeom back then she's probably fine but I still worry. Alcohol can have a different effect on her too and without knowing what she drank I can't be sure she won't do anything stupid." he said. Yoongi nodded, "Where are the guys?" "Sounds like they're in Namjoon's room. You really must be freaked out to not be able to hear them." "I guess I'm just not focusing." "Why?" Jackson pried. "She just kept shooting him while he was down. I get it she has to drain him to weaken him but he'd already been shot multiple times it was like she was having fun." Yoongi said. Jackson sighed, he sat down on the couch and looked at the empty space before him before he decided to speak again. "Look, you're probably a year old now the most you've ever had to do was drink enough not to kill your friends. You went through something hellish but Y/N she relieves her nightmares in her sleep every night. She nearly killed herself in her sleep once because it was so real. She was in the house when it was burning down, she heard the screams of her parents as they died, she watched the man she loved devour her brother's blood and then she felt the pain of being wounded by him and watched him leave her to burn along with her family. She's not ruthless or heartless by choice. When a scenario that gruesome won't leave your mind and you continue to live with the fact that the one you loved betrayed you and out of instinct for survival you feed off your brother's dead body, you learn to stop caring about people. You learn the best way to survive is to be ruthless, just as ruthless as the one that stole everything that was precious to you away. The only way she can kill Changkyun is if she embraces the monster and leaves her humanity behind." Jackson said with a dim look in his eye. She was in love with Changkyun? That explained her expression when she told him she was a half life. If she had a choice she wouldn't have choosen to be half vampire. Just like him, he didn't want to be a vampire. He didn't want to drink from the woman he loved. He didn't want to be in constant fear that he may hurt his friends if he had gotten too hungry. However, he remembered hearing her telling Jackson that she loved him and he was her best friend earlier. For him to know so much about her it had to be true. He couldn't imagine going hundreds of years living with that guilt. He couldn't imagine the hell she went through, it sounded far worse than what he endured but the pain of his reality was still very real. He turned to head upstairs slightly exhausted by the events of the night. Still he wanted to see the guys before he slept. Y/N said the earring she got him would keep him from burning in the sun, it had been so long since he had seen a sunrise he wondered if it would feel the same. He stopped when Jackson called his name, "Namjoon said Y/N said you were lucky you have the boys. You have family, right now, I'm all she's got left and even I know when she distances herself from me. You have six loyal brothers and she has one and honestly I know deep down even if she doesn't want to admit it she doesn't want to see any of you get hurt. She's going to be ruthless that won't change until he's dead maybe not even then but... Sometimes-the only way to protect the people you love is to pretend you never loved them." "I don't fully understand what happened to her or even what she is. She chooses to protect the ones she cares about with ruthless aggression. I chose not to, I can't say which one is better but I can't push my family away, as long as their alive with me now I can't just push them away." "Just know that when this fight goes down a lot of blood will be spilt. Neither me nor Y/N want that blood to be yours....or your friends so just keep that in mind." With that, Jackson turned around and leaned into the couch. The guys all wanted to fight beside him and help him but they were right. It was dangerous for six humans to be in the middle of a vampire war... Maybe it was time to send them home. Yoongi walked into Namjoon's room and they all yelled Yoongi's name happy he was back and safe. They all hugged him tightly and Yoongi sat down and leaned against Jimin. Namjoon and Hoseok continued talking and Yoongi listened to the rants of his friends. His eyes half open and a small smile on his face. He'd miss their loud voices, the place would be quiet without them.... Y/N POV Like Changkyun had any right to kiss you. He almost sounded happy to see you. Shownu choking you didn't make your mood any better. Hoseok just had to make sure everyone in the room knew you were his. To be honest, you were starting to believe you really were his. Everytime you got near him it was a different feeling, did being claimed have that effect on humans? Is that how they fell in love with monsters? You would know better than anyone that, that was a choice. You and Changkyun got married, he only called you his claim around other Vampires when you ran into them and they would back off but you were never actually his in that way. When you two were together, he wasn't allowed to bite you. You wouldn't let him and he always complied. When he kissed you, all you could feel was your hate burning inside. He had the nerve to be happy to see you. He had the nerve to tell Hoseok to unclaim you, to threaten to kill him, to be fucking jealous. Everything about this encounter pissed you off. You could only turn your attention back to Yugyeom and finish the job to keep yourself calm. Still as the night carried on and the mention of your favorite alias showed up, you found the opportunity you looked for to set the beginning stages of your trap. You could visibly see that Hoseok didn't like him touching you but he was so obedient to him you didn't know if he'd be much help. The best you could do was see if you could break that loyalty in the time you had. When he was leaving, he stopped to tell you to be careful and call for him if you needed him. That must've been a part of his claim, he could follow your scent for miles because of his claim on you but he must've also been able to feel your pull when you were in danger. That was nice to know. You actually wanted to kiss him but since the reveal that you and Changkyun had both been married you felt like doing that in front of him would only make him think you were doing it for him. He couldn't help but tell you it was true. Changkyun didn't want him near you and you foresaw he'd do anything in his power to keep you two apart. You'd just have to make sure you found a way to keep seeing him. The taste of his blood hadn't left your lips but it was odd what his blood had done to you. You couldn't pull your fangs back in and your eyes were probably still purple. When he left, you stood in front of Changkyun wondering how you were going to pull them back in. "Having trouble?" he said as he walked around the desk. "Nothing you can help with. So what's the deal with this Huntress, you piss off another wife?" you said. You're acting was good especially when you were acting rude enough to make him upset. He hadn't budged yet in anger but you would get him there. Killing him now would be easy but then that left the revenge of the others, especially Shownu. It would just be a continuing cycle. No, you had to make this a big battle, you'd have to kill them all. Minhyuk and Hoseok was fine, you even kind of liked Jooheon but the others especially Shownu were set in your mind to die. Unless they could some how show some dislike of Changkyun's rule you were setting up a massacre. "You were the only woman I ever married." he said. "Well as a vampire that is." you said with a smirk. "My human life was much different than my Vampire life." "You loved her though, I bet you didn't try to kill her and her family." You said walking past him to sit on his desk. "I get it okay! You hate me but you don't understand how hard it was to not want to drink from you and your family. Your blood did something to me, you and your brother. You both had the ability to drive me insane and when your mother cut her finger I went into a frenzy. Did you realize that you father wasn't even a complete Vampire? He was a halfling he wasn't like you though he was born Vampire. He needed blood not human food that was how he survived. He had human genes though and they were both thankful that you and your brother were born human. Those Vampires you attracted though, they knew, they could smell it on you like I can now despite Hoseok's smell. You and him were special, your blood smelled like magic. You have no idea how hard it was too behave around you." "Behave? So the moment she gets a little cut you let loose? You didn't know when to stop Changkyun my family suffered and you left me to burn. You! No one else, you made me into this." "It's for the better though. Now you're here with me you can really live by my side." he said hopeful. "Look I told Hoseok I'd-" "Fuck Hoseok." he snapped. "Hmm maybe later but that's not what I was going to say." you said pissing him off further. He moved in a flash from across the room to right in front of you. His face in yours and his body between your legs. He looked at you upset, "I love you, he doesn't, he only likes you because you look like her." "Who?" you said. "Yoona, the last girl he claimed. You know what happened to her? I killed her for being a Hunter but her scent was very familiar. She smelled almost like your brother. She looked like you but smelled a bit like him. She tasted like him too." Now you were getting pissed. You went to push him away but he grabbed your hand. His nose taking in the smell of your blood from your palm. His tongue drawing a line up your forefinger before he sucked on it a little. Your were kind of turned on by that but you didn't want to want him. You snatched your hand away from him. Your breath slightly audible now. "Your heart is racing." he said amused. "Focus Changkyun, you want to find the Huntress I agreed to help now stay on topic or I'm leaving." "You'd have to make it to the door first." he teased. He stood up though and walked around to sit behind his desk. "Apparently no one can seem to identify this woman and her name always changes. Huntress is the only thing we know to call her and clearly she's coming for me. This isn't some big bounty she has out for me, she really just want me dead." he said. "Yeah and so do I, you have a bad habit of pissing people off it's a wonder there isn't an army knocking on your door right now. Anyway, Hoseok said her last hit was your little toy Haneul and now that he's dead you don't know who she's coming for next." "She'd try to get closer to me." he said like it was obvious. "Well yeah she's climbing up the ranks but she's going to need a location and how many men you have. She's not just going to take you on alone. She's not stupid, you'll be fine for a week or so but I suggest a trap. That Vampires Conference is coming up soon she may already know about it. That place needs to be full of Vampires outside and in. Show her you have enough men to take her out." "What will that do?" he asked. "Give her a false sense of security hopefully. If she can figure out a rough head count she can figure out what she needs to do." you said. The Vampire conference was just a rehearsal, you could figure out rough numbers but again you wouldn't know entirely how many men he had. It was getting him out of the city that you wanted to do. Make him paranoid enough to escape out of the city and all the way to Jeju. If Jackson could get them on board, you could take the wolves out for a little hunting party. Your first step was just too get him to do as you told him. "Why are you helping someone you hate?" he asked. "Hoseok and I made a deal and I'm not about to go back on my end of the bargain." "What kind of deal?" he asked. "I dont drink live but I need blood so he gives it to me. In exchange I catch, track and kill whoever he needs me too." you said. You could win an award for lying your ass off. Changkyun said he'd make his arrangements immediately however, there was one stipulation: you had to come with him as his date. Damn him for that, he was really going to make sure Hoseok couldn't have you. You looked at him annoyed, "Whatever but you're telling Hoseok about it. I'm not about to have that argument." You said that yet you still found yourself outside Hoseok's place. You waited for him practically all night, you woke up from the nightmare you always had pulling your gun out on him. Hoseok stepped back, hands up saying, "Whoa, hold on there." "Hoseok! What the Fuck took you so long?" you said upset. You slept against his door the rest of the night and it was now morning. He was just getting home, he looked a bit tired himself. You didn't know why that annoyed you but you wanted to see him last night. His claim on you really was annoying. You wondered if Changkyun was right: did he really just want you because you looked like Yoona? Hoseok smiled though, he leaned down lifting your chin with a singled finger. His lips were close to yours and he said, "Did you miss me my Monbebe?" You pulled away from him annoyed and stood up brushing yourself off. "Of course not! I just came to fulfill my end of the deal. I owe you dinner or at least breakfast now." You moved the jacket you were wearing and pulled your shirt to the side to reveal your skin. He eyed it looking like he was starving. A smile wiping across his face. "I fed you my blood I can feed from you later." he said. "I'm offering it now." you said. You stared at him but he didn't say anything. You used the pin you had and cut a thin line on your collar bone. He flashed up to you, his face close to the blood taking in the irresistible smell. "My bebe smells so good." he whispered turned on. "Take a taste before I get bored and leave." You threatened. He opened the door sweeping you up in his arms and quickly made his way to the bedroom. "Not so fast this time. I want to enjoy this." you said kissing him before his fangs sank into your skin. You gasped at the feeling, wincing slightly at the pain. You could hear his moans into your neck, his tongue lapping up blood. Ah, the sweet sound of sin....
HIS WIFE?!?! OMG WHY.... His wife? Of all things lol.. Now this is gonna turn into a real problem.... I see it already.. Wonho and I. M are gonna fight eventually.
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