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I know I'm late with these but there's no need to yell at me <.< I'm am going to be cheating in this card so ya know yell at me for that or your opinion on the matter >.> so let's get on with it Shall we :)

Favorite Supporting Characters Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihōin: Bleach

Otherwise known as cheat #1 Kiskue would be up here and so would Yoruichi but why not both? These two are practically (and when I start to think about it maybe literally) never apart from each other. Each does their own thing but work together simultaneously all the time Kisuke brings the brains Yoruichi brings the brawn. I've never seen two characters work together so perfectly and yet be their own person separately, neither desperately leaning off the other at any givin time it's why I love them so. Kisuke has trained Ichigo aided in his goings to the Seireitei and Hueco Mundo and even (basically single handedly) helped put *SPOILERS* in his place. Kisuke is always acting goofy even though he's dead serious or it's a life and death matter Kisuke will meet that challenge with a smile and quick thinking and will always *ahem* ALWAYS come out victorious. Yoruichi trained Chad, Orihime, Soi Fon, and Kisuke with some hate training for Byakuya, Yoruichi has shown time and again she's not just a pretty face even though come on she's damn fine, she can hold her own in a fight and is an excellent mentor to look up to she's my Erza :3

Day 22 Least favorite support character Sakura Haruno: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Otherwise cheat #2 Why am I subjecting you to torture? Well that's because Sakura is the worst thing in any manga or anime I'VE EVER SEEN and no she's not a "supporting" character but her role for team 7 is "support" so loopholes :P Sakura is the scale in which I base bad on why? because she's the prime example of how hidden talent can be WASTED. I love Naruto and tolerated Shippuden after the Hidan and Kakuzu but Sakura is the most useless character because she doesn't do anything. When anybody brings valid points as to why she's a good character they never seem to see ANYBODY can do what she does because all she does is heal people dur dur doesn't take a Shikimaru IQ to do first aid, "But she learned the Yin: Seal release a technique Shizune couldn't even learn" because you have to overtime place chakra into the specific point at which time would Shizune have been able to learn this technique? whilst constantly fighting while Sakura plays doctor she can easily yes easily place chakra into the point of her forehead and even when doing it she didn't do much with it. Helping out some BG characters sick didn't see them for the rest of the fight but ya know sick...I guess? Sakura could have been a bad ass clearly shown by episode 1 of Shippuden but quickly fell back into her punch Naruto act stuck up sit there and do nothing constantly then she *snicker* tried to *chuckles* KILL SASUKE *burst on the floor laughing* c'mon Sakura was a good character that didn't get proper development tiss why she is the butr of all useless jokes. While it is unfortunate there's nothing that can be done as time has passed and there seems to be promise in the new generation :3 .....just ya know not the artist *shudders* I mean c'mon we've seen FAN ART that looked better. That collection of people needs to get there bearings straight because no one likes the new "Sasuke"
I am truly sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings about Sakura I do feel passionately about what Naruto stood for and no matter what series Sakura will always just be Sakura to me. If you want to attack me Mako has my back and you can leave all your comments with her :3 For others who's your favorite and least favorite supporting character make sure to check out @SimplyAwkward for the original post Challenge as well as collection on the challenge :3
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bleach is the sh*t