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Hey all! I'm here with the first chatting card for the Nakama Family Picnic :D
If you're not sure what that means, read about it HERE!

Today's topic: What anime character would you want to go on a picnic with?

What would it be like?
What would you eat?
Which friends would they invite?

Let's discuss with each other in the comments at our Nakama Picnic!!!

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definitely a tie between Tsuna and all of his friends from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Probably someone from Shougeki no Soma or Toriko (assuming they provided the food). I could learn a lot from the chefs of both worlds... and Toriko and his friends would also probably have really cool stories to tell.
Jiraya the Ero-Senin would be fun to hang out with ;Di think that you all know why lol.
I'd go with either the strawhats or polar dorm for shokugeki
Thats a hard choice, but i guess anyone from Fairy Tail. It'd be a very lively picnic no matter who it would be xD