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Can the floor open up and swallow you now? No matter your age, when you come face to face with someone you admire or “fangirl” over, you become tongue tied. It doesn’t matter that you are an accomplished author from across the ocean. When you turned and ran smack into Tong, it almost sent the two of you sprawling onto the floor. You seriously just want to die. You're sure your face is flaming red as you dare to look up into his face.
Dimples. The man has sexy, gorgeous dimples. Why you? Could you be any more awkward? Don’t answer that, you don’t want to tempt fate that you actually could be.
“Pardon,” he smiles down at you.
“I am sooo sorry. Please, forgive me,” you stammer while trying to pull yourself out of his arms. To do so requires you to put my hands on him; oh please, have mercy on me. His arms release you; only to cover your hands with his on his chest.
“There is nothing to forgive, I stood too close, it is my apology to you.”
You pull the earphones out, “I was in my own little world, I should not have spent so much time in front of her. I should have known not to block a painting. She just sort of grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.” You turn back to the painting.
“She holds me enamored also, she is my favorite of this exhibit. This is your first time to view her?”
You realize he still has your hands trapped against his chest. You step back while sliding them out from under. He smirks at your actions but doesn’t say anything.
“Ah, no, when I lived here before I used to spend all my free time here. It helps me think, re-opens me to my muses when I’m blocked.”
“Blocked? Muses?”
“I’m an American author. I’m here doing research for a new series I’m doing, I’ve been so busy that I’ve become a little blocked.”
“Yes, this I can understand. I too get times of being blocked. She is an amazing muse, you could not have picked better.”
You noticed while trapped against him that he is much taller than you thought. Your head only comes to the top of his shoulders; those nice, sturdy Asian shoulders. Stop it! You will not make a bigger fool of yourself, at least you hope not.
His face suddenly lights up like he just realized something.
“Wait, American author? You aren’t here visiting One Site Entertainment are you?”
You nod, “I am. I apologize, I should have introduced myself; I just didn’t think I would meet you again until I was scheduled with your group next week. I’m Lauren Atlantic.”
The corners of his lips turn up, “So you did recognize me on the plane. I wondered.”
“It's a little hard not to recognize you, even if your group hadn’t come in right before boarding and your fans try to run me over,” you tease him.
“I feel I should again apologize, on their behalf this time. They tend to get over excited at times but without them I would be nothing. I do thank you for stepping in though and saving me at the gate.”
His eyes twinkle in mischief as it dawns on you that he had seen you stare down the fan.
You shut your eyes, shaking your head. You forget those actions are looked on as insults here even though she insulted you first.
He tips your chin up with his knuckle, “The insult was to you as they took over your space and almost you with it. I was grateful for the rescue, our security cannot be everywhere in an airport.”
He's touching you. He's not a total fan of touching, where you can’t seem to help yourself when talking with others or when showing emotion. This is interesting.
“I should let you get on with your schedule, I’m sure you are fully booked with your new mini-album.”
He tilts his head as if considering his next words, “I am fully scheduled for the next month; however, a few of those events with be with the rest of the group. Are you here until the end of the month?”
You pull your schedule out of your bag; “I’m actually shadowing DARC right now, I will be shadowing your group within the next two weeks. Mr. Kim is out of the office, so we haven’t really determined when I’ll be heading back yet. I sort of have an open plane ticket at the moment.”
“This is good,” he says as he takes your schedule from your hand and glances through it quickly. “You are just as busy I see, they have over scheduled a civilian?”
You take back your schedule back with a small laugh, “Well civilian or not, when you shadow idols; you keep an idol schedule. It was nice to officially meet you; I should be getting back.”
Unsure of your age, he bows in farewell; then continues to watch you walk out of the exhibit room. One of his bodyguards has been standing silently against the wall. He pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and motions to his man.
“One Site Entertainment, Mr. Kim’s office.”
“Jessica, this is Tong, I have a few changes I’d like to request to the American author’s schedule; I assume you take care of that? Good.”
The novelty of having you around has warn off with the younger group DARC. You knew it wouldn’t take them long, especially after you let them in on the secret that you speak Korean. You could have heard a pin drop. A few had the decency to look embarrassed, some just shook their head and fingers at you. You have gotten to know them well enough by now that you can tease them back during rehearsals. The first time, you had your camera ready. Your actions shocked them and their reactions were priceless. You decided you’d save this video for times when you need a pick me up.
A couple of days after your adventure to the Museum, you look up to find Jessica headed in your direction waving a paper.
“Lauren!” You stop so that she can catch up.
“Good Morning Jessica, did you need me?”
“Just need to give you your new schedule, there have been a few changes, a couple of events dropped off and others added. I hope it works for you, if not just let me know alright?” She hands you the paper she’s been waving, smiles, turns and heads back to her office.
Changes? What kind of changes? You look down to see if you are still even to be heading to where DARC awaits you. You pull your original schedule out and compare the day. Today is the same, good. You can compare the other schedules on the ride over to the meet and greet to get a feel for it.
As you glance between the two schedules one thing stands out; you see a few events added that connect you to DeLish; Tong’s group. You quirk an eyebrow in suspicion, then decide it's just wishful thinking. You put the schedules away and pay attention to the group you're to spend the day with.
If he wants more time with me I guess I'm allow it. What a breathtaking moment at the museum, such a tall sexy hunk of man. (love the name of his group btw) 🎶💙👻👍💕😂💜
Oooooo sooo sneaky!!!!!! Love it though!!!
that devil lol