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I have one tattoo and would love to get more!

Check out these awesome tattoos written in Hangul^^

(the one above says "my light")

"I love you, Mom"

"I desire a love that's alive"


"Little Sibling"


"Deep Kindness"

Hard to translate to English, but basically it expresses some kind of great favor or extreme kindness you've experienced that you feel you need to repay. Like, some people might say, if your parents raised you well and sacrificed a lot for you, you need to live well in order to repay them. Their love for you is the deep kindness this tattoo represents :)

Would you ever get a tattoo in Korean or another language?

And be sure to check out @felicityautumn's tattoo and story here!
I want to get one that say "I'd do anything to be what they call perfect" #amberislife and one in Hangul that says beautiful chaos
I have a tattoo in Korean! It's says "꿈 희망 잔진" or "dream, hope, move forward " from Young Forever by BTS!
@RobertMarsh hey now, i consider 떡 as my family hahahahahahahahah
I would love to get one but I wouldn't know the first place to go to get it. And if imm have something in another language I wanna make sure it's correct 😊
Nope. I wouldn't get a tattoo....or more accurately, I can't. Allergy to the ink.
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