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My Pink Prince absolutely can smooch me on my forehead any time.
He can kiss my cheek but why stop at one let's do as the French do kiss both of them Hobi.
Jeongguk has grown into one fine ass man. So I'll gladly let his lips grace my nose anytime.
I'll give him a kiss back that will keep me in his thoughts day and night.
My legs won't support me if Hoseok kisses my neck.
I would appreciate him doing this. Coming from him it would be just perfect.
That's playing with fire Mr. Jeon.
All I can say for my Joonie doing this to me is: Please grant me this wish.
I love all the members of BTS. Just about every member of the group is my special. Can't wait to see what other people get. Thanks for making the original card @Badtz
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"playing with fire Mr. Jeon" 😂 thanks for playing~~