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Next Morning-
(your pov) I woke up and looked around my room. My eyes landed on my clock and it was 9:30 I slowly got up and rubbed my eyes. I gently opened my eyes fully and suddenly remembered that Suga was here! I groaned in frustration as I stood up. I went towards the door and opened it. ... Today's sunday I went to where I placed Suga last night and expected him not being there but instead he's sleeping soundly. I went over to him and stared. He really is Handsome. *Sigh* I wonder what he is dreaming about? I gently laughed quietly and went to the kitchen. |Yoongi's Pov 'GET THE FUCK OUT!' A Woman screamed at her husband as they both keeped arguing. As they keeped arguing... The parents totally forgot about their young child who is witnessing their fight. The man seems to be a lazy guy who doesn't do anything but eat and make a mess around the house while the mother takes care of her child and tries to keep the house clean. Clearly she is tired of his bull shit. 'GET THE FUCK OUT!' She screamed. 'FINE!' The man screamed back. 'TAKE YOUR FUCKING SON WITH YOU!' What she said just now was the biggest regret she had ever said. She couldn't do anything now. If she said she'd take what she said back and keep her child. but to her it would made her look like a fool. The man dragged his son and lead them both in a bar. When The man finished drinking. They both went to his old house and decided to stay there. But at night... 'This is what you get you useless piece of shit!' The man said while abusing his own son. The child had done nothing but suffer. This happened every day sense then. One day. The child finally made his decision and ran off. He didn't want to be hurt no more, he didn't want to remember what happened he doesn't want to experience the same thing again, nor experience fighting with the one you love. The child ran and ran until... He triped. when he did, he didn't just land on the ground... but continued falling... falling... falling... and falling... The child looked around and there was pure darkness. He was still falling. A tear drop came out from the corner of his eye. He closed his eyes and sniffed? He smelled something good. like pancakes with butter on them. Warm soft and delicious on em. The child slowly opened his eyes and looked around. Right now he was sitting down on the table that his parents and him used to share. The child turned to the side and saw his mother coming towards him with a plate of delicious mouth watering pancakes. She placed one in front of him and his father. The child smiled and grabbed his fork. As he was about to poke it... he froze... He couldn't move. His heartbeat started racing and the oxigen around him became humid and thick. The child slowly closed his eyes as his mind became hazy for the lack of oxigen. The child closed his eyes fully and fell to floor...


*end of dream* "W-what the hell?" I looked around and noticed that I was in (y/n)'s house. I rubbed my eyes and sniffed again... Wait, I remember that sent... I got up and went towards the kitchen and there I saw (y/n) cooking. I got closer and saw that she was making pancakes. I smiled and walked up to her. When I did, I back hugged her. "Suga, you're bothering me." "Sorry beautiful." "Go sit down, I'll take it to ya." - y/n I nodded and sat down. "Here ya go." She gave me it and sat down next to me. I looked at her masterpiece and it looked extremely good! I took a bite of it and opened my eyes wide. "Do you like it?" She asked. "Like it? I love it! this is really good!" I have no words! This is really good! I looked up at her and she had her emotionless face on. It felt that she was thinking about something deeply while staring at me. "What's wrong?" | Your pov When he was eating I started to think... Why does he go for girls? I've heard that he breaks their hearts, but why? "What's wrong?" I snapped out of my trance and focused on him. He rose an eyebrow. "Can i ask you something Suga?" "Sure." I took a deep breath and finally said it. "Why are you like this?" He looked at me confused. "What do you mean?" *Sigh* "Why do you go out with girls even though you already know that you're gunna break their hearts?" We both stared at each other in silence, waiting for him to reply. "Why do you show no emotion even though you're in pain?" He said back. I'll admit it, I was pretty surprised.
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I'm just loving this story. I can't wait to read the next part. They are both broken spirits that need healing.
@AmberFranco It was great :D Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to more :D
Ugh so freaking good *cries* Perfection.. I got perfection in my eyes
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