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Let me show you 7 reasons why you need to know 24k! . Oh and the music too ;)
Leader Birth Name: Hong Joo Hyung Stage Name: Cory Birthday: November 25, 1990 Height: 177 cm fun fact: -He was born in South Korea, but grew up in the States! so he knows english! yeyy!! ( new concept and older picture )
Main vocal Birth Name: Yoo Sung Oh Stage Name: Sungoh Birthday: January 8, 1991 Position: Main Vocalist Height: 180 cm
vocalist Birth Name: Choi Ki Su Stage Name: Kisu Birthday: October 2, 1991 Height: 178 cm (new concept first two)
Rapper, Dancer Birth Name: Kim Dae Il Stage Name: Daeil Birthday: May 10, 1992 Height: 178 cm
Rapper, Dancer, Maknae Birth Name: Kim Jeung Uk Stage Name: Jeunguk Birthday: February 20, 1993 Height: 177 cm side note.... ladies and gentleman.. another maknae that doesn't look or behave like a maknae... atleast he is over 21 =) (1st 2 are new concept photo)
Vocalist Stage Name: Hui/휘 Real Name: Liang Hui/梁輝 Birthday: July 18, 1995 Height: 178 cm Weight: 57 kg fun fact : was born in China and knows chinese and korean. (first two new concept pictures)
(Real Name): (Kim Jin Hong stage : jinhong Birthday (Y.M.D): 98.01.02 Nationality: Korean Height: 178cm (5ft 10in) Weight: 53kg (116lbs)
last year this was my jam ^^^^ you guys have to listen to it!
24k has been around since 2012! this is one very underrated group! popularity did not rise wall in korea due to member change and many scandals 24k went thru.. however that's a thing of the past, I hope you guys give 24k a chance.. I for one can't wait to see this comback! please. if you like to see more about them and other kpop groups follow the collection as I no longer tag people. I prefer it that way it is convenient to people and not get annoyed with taggs. Thank you =)
why are they older than me or younger than me...seriously '98...
I'm so happy my boys are coming back! I have watched all their 24K TV. I cannot get enough of them!
I remember when they debuted :) That was a great day~~~ o(^▽^)o I love them so much! Really glad that their company is now letting them write and choreograph their own stuff!
I love 24k ! I can't wait for their comeback. I listen to Superfly and Hey You daily
@jiggzy19 yeah... they are so underrated sadly.
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