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Hello everyone, Chapter 8 is here. I just wanted to say first how amazed I am that my cards are now at over 7k reads. I know it's probably not a lot, but it still makes me happy to know that people are really enjoying my story. I will continue to try to not disappoint.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional. Also, for this chapter, I don't know much about the process of translating lyrics, etc. so please bear with me. I just made it fit with the story line.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 7
Word Count: 2242
Warning: May contain mild language.
Rose POV
Finally! Friday!” Julie exclaimed. She raised her arms up and proceeded to stretch while making loud noises to go along with it. I poked her in the stomach, causing her to break from her stretch. “You’re evil!!! That was gonna be a nice stretch.”
Yeah, well, you deserve it. So happy about it being Friday, but I have to work late tonight.” I scoffed at her.
Is it really work when you enjoy it?”
Are you paying me? Then, yes. It’s work.” Julie laughed.
So...” Julie started. I looked at her.
Are you finally past Yoongi?”
What? What do you mean? It was only ever a celebrity crush. And why would you ask that anyway? That’s really left field.”
Sure. A crush, right,” Julie remarked sarcastically. “And I heard that you’ve been talking to another guy. Like, a lot.”
Ugh...Nina. She really likes to gossip about stuff like that, doesn’t she?”
SO IT’S TRUE?!” She was practically yelling.
Take a chill pill. You’re so loud. And yes, I was texting someone—”
Namjoon, right? Aren’t you glad we don’t have a clause about dating and clients?” I rolled my eyes.
We’re not dating. We’re just friends. He’s really smart so it’s nice to be able to hold INTELLIGENT CON-VER-SA-TIONS.” The last part I said straight at Julie.
That’s how it always starts. I know you don’t know about Korean dating traditions, but when a guy texts you like crazy for the first couple days, it means that he’s interested.”
Maybe when people are already dating, but we’re just friends. And he had some time to kill. Not all guys are like the ones you end up liking: number, drinks, bed.
Hey, it’s not always like that!” She defended herself. Then with a sly grin, “Sometimes we skip straight to the bed part.”
You’re nasty.”
I’m naughty. And you—“ she violently thrusted her finger at me “are too naïve. Guys only like that up to a certain age. Then they start to think something must be wrong with you.”
Sorry if I’ve been working forever, not able to date. Therefore, the only way I’d not be naïve is by hooking up. So sorry if I’ve not been wanting emotionless sex with some random guy, and not wanting to worry about getting pregnant, STDs, or getting caught up with the wrong guy. Remember, I won’t judge you, so don’t judge me,” I sighed. We’d been through this conversation a thousand times. It still ended up the same.
Julie ruffled my hair as I tried to swat her away. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. But don’t worry, someday you’ll meet your Mr. Right,” she teased me. “And who knows, maybe it’s Namjoon.”
I rolled my eyes. “I don’t like him like that and he doesn’t like me like that. It’s completely platonic.” It was her turn to roll her eyes.
Whatever girl. Just go get your work done. See if you can keep him off of you tonight.” She started pushing me out the door.
What are you even talking about?” I turned my head towards her while she continued pushing.
You’re working on their songs right? Figuring out the best words to use for the English songs? Isn’t Namjoon one of the main songwriters?”
Oh shit!” Julie smirked at me. But it wasn’t Namjoon I was worried about, it was the other songwriter. Yoongi. {How am I supposed to handle working in a confined space with him? Even if Namjoon is there? I mean, I spent most of the week with the whole group, but now it’s just the two of them}. I took a deep breath. {He doesn’t like me. So all I have to do is keep him from finding out that I like him. I’m supposed to be getting rid of my feelings for him. I suppose now is my chance to work on it. The more he shows he doesn’t like me, the easier it’ll be}, I tried to convince myself. I walked out of the office and headed to my car. {Deep breath...Let’s do this}.
Narrator POV
Namjoon was frantically trying to clean up his shared room. Rose was coming over to work on the songs and he and Yoongi had decided that it would be best for all of them to work at the dorm. There was no way they would get any work done in the living room with all the boys home. That left either his or Yoongi’s room and Yoongi didn’t like people around his stuff. So it was probably going to be in his room. {We could work at the studio, but if we’re working really late, it’d be best if we didn’t have to drive. Plus, she can just crash here if she needs to}. He smiled at that thought. {To wake up and she’d be right there... Or we could stay up and actually talk instead of texting}. He heard the tune for the doorbell and knew it had be her. He immediately shoved the rest of the loose items under the bed. By the time he made it to the living room, the other boys had swarmed her.
“Wanna play Super Mario?” “Wanna play with us?” Rose was laughing as she tried to escape their grasp. The youngest boys had a plan: the only avenue of escape caused her to run straight into Namjoon’s chest. He grabbed her arms to help steady her. She looked up at him and smiled, making him smile even more. Right then, Yoongi came out of his room. He gave them a look that showed how much he was unamused. Rose saw his look and immediately pulled away from Namjoon. She started nervously straightening her clothes.
Yoongi tried to keep his voice uneven, “Could you guys try to stay off each other long enough for us to do some work?”
“Oh, it’s not—“ Rose started.
“Hyung. Why do you have to be such a killjoy?” Taehyung whined. The boys were still smirking at the two people who were still close.
“Because, we have work to do and trying to sharing body warmth is not part of it.” His tone started to show how pissed he was. The boys looked at each other. They were too scared to continue their teasing.
“Hyung, the boys were hanging off of her and she ended up running into me. Stop being such a jerk about everything. You’ve been specifically picking on me for the last week.”
Rose started waving her hands in a ‘calm down’ gesture. She didn’t like it when they fought, especially because she felt like this was her fault. “Boys...How about we try this again?” She walked up to Yoongi and lightly hugged him. “Hello Yoongi-ah, it’s good to see you again. How’re you doing?”
Rose’s hug had Yoongi completely tensed. He hoped that she couldn’t feel how hard or fast his heart was pounding. He was breathing shallowly. His mind was completely blank. As she pulled back from him, he still hadn’t lifted his hands. {What the hell is happening? What is she doing? Why do I feel like this? Why can’t I move?} These thoughts were racing through his head and she looked him in the eyes. He had no idea that her heart was racing just as fast. She didn’t want them to fight, she was only trying to break the tension, and somehow her body had decided to hug him instead.
When she pulled back she heard the boys ‘OOOoooooOOOO’ing. She smiled and started walking back to Namjoon, trying to not fall even though her legs felt like rubber. {I have to do the same to everyone or they’re going to think something weird}. She hugged Namjoon who had also frozen. The other boys immediately starting pulling each other away so that they could hug her next.
When Rose finished hugging everyone she said “There! How’s that for an American greeting?”
“Can you do that every time?” Jimin asked staring at her suggestively.
Jin smacked him on the head. “Stop whatever thoughts are going through your nasty little head.” The other boys started laughing. That was enough to snap Yoongi and Namjoon out of their trance. Taehyung was hanging off her shoulder and she had turned back to make sure Yoongi and Namjoon were no longer fighting. They both smiled shyly and rubbed the back of their necks. They looked at each other and immediately put their hands down, frowning.
“So,” Rose started walking back to the two boys, “should we get started?”
They cleared their throats and answered “Sure” at the same time. They looked at each other again and glared. The other boys were watching the exchange and started looking at each other conspiratorially. Rose grabbed one each of Yoongi’s and Namjoon’s arms and asked them to lead her to their work space. They each pulled her towards their respective rooms.
“Ack!” She pulled them back to the middle. “You can’t cut me in half. Where are we going?”
“To my room.” Namjoon said and started pulling her in that direction.
Yoongi pulled on her other arm and said, “Most of the materials are in my room.”
“Yeah, but you don’t like people in your room. You can just grab it and we can go to mine.”
“I don’t mind. I just don’t like it when people mess around in my room, that’s all.”
“Well, my room is bigger. It’ll be more comfortable for everyone.” Rose’s head turned back and forth to follow the conversation. They stopped and looked at her as if asking her to decide.
“Uh, well...” She trailed off, uncomfortable at her position.
Hoseok spoke up. “Why don’t you guys just use the living room?”
“There’s no way we can get anything done with you guys here.” Yoongi stated matter-of-factly.
“We’ll go to the triplets’ room,” Jin started moving the boys to Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin’s room. Hoseok gave them one last look before he shut the door behind them. Yoongi pulled his arm out of Rose’s and huffed, making his way towards his room.
“I’ll bring my stuff out.” {I can’t believe I actually cleaned my room. I don’t know why I even bothered}.
Namjoon let his arm linger in her grip for a moment longer before he said the same and told her to wait in the living room. Rose made her way over to the couch and sat down. She grabbed her head between her hands and sighed exasperatedly. {Great! They’re both probably mad at me. Why are they acting like this? They’re being so childish}. After a minute or so, both boys came out of their rooms each carrying a laptop, notebooks, and loose papers. They set them on the coffee table and started getting to work. The whole time they were working, the other boys were almost completely quiet. But they were so wrapped up in their work that they didn’t even realize how suspicious the silence was.
In the other room
The boys were huddled together, talking quietly so the three in the living room wouldn’t hear them.
Jimin- “You don’t think Yoongi-hyung likes her, do you?”
Taehyung- “No way! Do you see how he talks to her? He’s being a jerk to her. He’s normally not like that. I think he really doesn’t like her.”
Jin- “Yeah, but sometimes people do that when they don’t realize that they like the person or they don’t like the fact that actually like someone they feel like they shouldn’t like. Or they’re jealous.” They stopped to think about it for a minute.
Hoseok- “Yoongi-hyung cleaned our room.” The other boys looked at him in shock. “Yeah, he even cleaned up my stuff.”
Taehyung- “What?!”
Jungkook- “Hyung never cleans up his until he actually trips on everything or until he finally can’t find most of his things...”
Jimin- “So—“
Taehyung- “He probably just doesn’t want her to think that he’s unprofessional after the way he was last time.”
Jungkook- “I think she looks good with Namjoon.”
Jimin/Taehyung- “Me too!”
Hoseok- “...I think it’d be easier for her if she were with Namjoon. And I think she’s be good for him too.” The younger boys voiced their agreement. “BUT. I also think she’d be good for Yoongi. He puts too much time into his work. I don’t think he could ever break away from that, but if he had her, maybe they could work on their own things quietly but together. Then he wouldn’t be alone all the time. That’d be good for him. But, of course, it could be a problem if he acts with her the way he does with us. It would just push her away. Plus, I think she likes him,” he sighed. The boys cried out at that.
Jin-“Looks like it’s Team Maknae versus Team Hyung.” They looked at him. “I would want her to be with whoever makes her happy. But if that’s Yoongi, then I think I would be happier with that. She really could be good for him.”
Jimin- “Well, it’s only been a week. I guess we’ll have some time to see how it’ll play out.” The other boys nodded their heads in agreement.
Hoseok- “And you know, it’s always possible that she likes someone else...or that someone else likes her. Or that she doesn’t like anyone.” The other boys looked at him incredulously. “Yeah, I know, not likely. But still.”
So there's chapter 8. I hope it's up to par. I don't know why, but I love writing the bickering scenes between the characters. I guess it reminds me of me and my friends.
Thank you to everyone who's reading, liking, following, or asking me to tag, it's very encouraging. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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