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So as I was watching this anime, I couldn't help but compare Taiga, from Toradora, with Il. They're similarities are pretty locked on.
Also, Tohsaka Rin, from Fate/Stay Night, with Princess Arya. Different eye and hair color.
And they're lovers! I totally ship this lol
Maybe Taiga got over the simple "slice of life" life and needed more excitement. And well, Tohsaka... If you've seen Taboo Tattoo, well let's say she wants to experiment. Hehe. 😉 So sorry Ryuji, you couldn't satisfy Taiga's needs like Rin has done. Same with Shiro. Tisk tisk, you have my condolences.
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I can totally see these! Lol
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@hikaymm haha right? Have seen taboo tattoo? I'm pretty hooked on it, as well as the other summer goodies😋
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@Bmondragon93 i just started it recently :3
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@hikaymm nice, enjoy! ^^
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