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Chapter 4:
Jiyoon woke up and cooked at her own place that morning before leaving food outside the door of GOT7’s dorm with a note to reheat the food. She then left to go do her training. The day seemed to be going fairly well, until the vocal teacher became very mad at her.
Jiyoon didn’t understand what she had done to make the teacher so mad. He asked her to sing and so she picked GOT7’s Playground. The teacher looked very unhappy as she struggled with some parts, but every time Youngjae’s part came up she sang it perfectly. The teacher’s face became red and he lost control of his emotions. It shook Jiyoon to her core, she didn’t think that the teacher would actually yell at her. When lunch time came she left the area of the other trainees as soon as she could.
GOT7 had ate the breakfast that she made for them, and then went about with the morning schedule they had. However when they returned around lunch time they had planned on calling to check in on Jiyoon, not to find her crying in front of their door with her knees pulled up to her chest.
The first to react was Junior, of course, he quickly made his way to kneel beside her. Quietly he asked her a simple question, “What’s wrong?” Jiyoon couldn’t say anything but cry and manage a broken ‘vocal teacher’. The other members looked like they wanted to help but didn’t know how.
JaeBum reacted next gently picking Jiyoon up off the floor and passing the keys to Junior who quickly unlocked their dorm so that they could go inside instead of creating a scene in the hall. Once everyone was inside Jiyoon only proceeded to break down further and mutter ‘sorry’ over and over.
Yugyeom being the closest with Jiyoon wrapped her in his arms trying to make her feel better while Junior made them tea. After a bit of tea and time to actually calm down she let out a deep sigh. “I’m sorry for causing problems.”
JaeBum frowned, “Jiyoon, what’s wrong?...You know you can tell us.” Junior sat on the other side of Jiyoon his hand drawing small circles on the back of her hand. Jiyoon took another deep breath and looked at them. “The vocal teacher yelled at me this morning….He…..He told me I had no right to be here…” Her voice began to tremble as she looked at the floor.
Youngjae frowned, “But why? I’ve been helping you with your vocals you’ve improved greatly Jiyoon.” Jiyoon shook her head, “I made the mistake of trying to singing Playground….I still struggle to match a bunch of the parts….I mostly match with Youngjae-oppa’s part...He told me that if I thought this was a joke I should just leave….A-And that I didn’t deserve to get to work with you guys.”
Yugyeom couldn’t quite explain what overcame him but he released his grip on Jiyoon and stood abruptly with his hands in fists at his side and made a beeline for the door. Jackson and Mark stood in his way though. “Yugyeom, don’t. We all want to step in and help but the best way to help her is to help her get better with her vocals so she can prove him wrong.” Mark let out a breath of relief as Jackson’s words seemed to work on the younger. Yugyeom then returned to his spot on the couch.
Jiyoon blinked, “I have to go soon….I still have to make through dance practice and rap practice….This time I’m gonna do better, I promise Oppas. Just watch. I’ll master your songs.” By the end of her sentence there was a fire in her eyes and it made the boys smile to see her bouncing back so quick. With that Jiyoon said good-bye and rushed back to the trainee area to train some more.
Once Jiyoon was gone though JaeBum and the others looked at Yugyeom who now felt like he was cornered. Junior spoke first, “Yugyeom, what was that about earlier?..” Jackson nodded, “Yeah man I’ve never seen you get worked up that fast.” Yugyeom shook his head, “I...I don’t know hyungs...Just the thought of the vocal teacher yelling at her, when he doesn’t even see how hard she really has been working…” His voice dropped off, they didn’t need to know about the countless sleepless nights Jiyoon had staying to work on her vocals and then coming home in the wee hours of the morning. They didn’t need to know that both he and Youngjae would take turns staying up until she texted one of them saying she was home, especially when all the other trainees would return without her.
Youngjae made eye contact with Yugyeom as the younger pleaded for Jiyoon’s practice habits to not be shared by using his eyes. Youngjae simply gave a small nod. “I think we should go over to the practice area and watch. We haven’t done that in a while and Jiyoon might feel better if we’re there.” The others seemed to agree to the idea. Yugyeom then had a better one. “What if JaeBum-hyung, Junior-hyung, and I watch her do dance practice and then rest of you watch her rap? I know she’s been working really hard to memorize our music. Especially Jackson-hyung’s rapping. I think it would be good for her to get to show it.” The others all nodded. JaeBum smiled, “It will also make it less obvious that we’re all there for the same person. Now come on before we miss her practice.”
When GOT7 arrived to the practice rooms almost all of the trainees moved out of their way. There were those who asked for autographs and advice and the group gave the trainees what they wanted. Once they were at the doors they split into their two groups and entered the rooms.
In the dance room all the trainees were still stretching and warming up. Most were in pairs or groups, but after that morning Jiyoon seemed to be left on her own. She had headphones in and was going over the dance moves lightly. JaeBum’s eyes almost went out of his head when he noticed the moves she was doing. He quickly leaned over to the other two, “Is she nuts? It took us four months to learn all of that dance she’s had this assignment for a week.” Yugyeom looked indifferent while Junior’s eyes widened, “She’s gotta be.”
Jiyoon’s brain ran at 100 miles an hour as she ran over the dance for ‘A’. She had seen the trio enter the room. Jiyoon had stopped temporarily, but she couldn’t let them get in her head. Not now when she had already made a mistake earlier in the day.
Jiyoon was one of the few trainees who refused to sit while the others were dancing. She didn’t want her muscles to stiffen up. At first glance someone would think that she was bopping her head to the beat of whatever song was playing. Her phone and headphones long discarded into the bag by JaeBum, Junior and Yugyeom. However upon looking closer you would see that her head was bopping to an ‘imaginary’ tune.
Eventually Jiyoon’s turn came and she went to the middle of the dance floor. She was wearing a snap-back now and her head was down towards the ground. When the music started her head popped up and she began doing the dance and lip-syncing to every part that came on. Her dance was good, though she was off in a few spots. She even managed to pull off JaeBum’s bboy moves, which earned an impressed look from the teacher. Then came the end part where Jackson and Mark would do a flip. Yugyeom held his breath as he watched her but noted that instead she decided to forego that and just pose cutely.
The dance teacher blinked at her a couple of times, “Ummm….Thank you Jiyoon….I didn’t know you had experience doing GOT7’s songs.” Jiyoon looked over to the trio in the back of the room and her face flushed, “N-Not really…...I just try really hard…” The teacher just nodded and smiled, “That’s all Jiyoon, you can take your seat again.” She nodded quickly moved to stand by JaeBum, Junior and Yugyeom. A few more people and the teacher announced that the practice was over.
Jiyoon smiled, happy that the teacher let them out early. The other trainees began to pack up their things and leave the room to go get food. Soon it was just Jiyoon and the three boys left in the room. Yugyeom was the first to speak up smiling brightly, “That was really good Jiyoon! I didn’t know you even knew that one!” She smiled and nodded. JaeBum smiled at her, “I’m really honored to find out that we’ve finally made it on your song list.” Jiyoon just smiled a bit bigger. Junior smiled and ruffled her hair, “Good job Jiyoon-ah. Keep it up and you’ll be on your way in no time. But drink some water and eat your granola bar, you have your rapping session next.” Jiyoon giggled and smiled, “Yes Junior-oppa….You’re such a mom.” None the less she reached into her bag for her water and food doing as she was told.
She slung her bag over her shoulder and shoved half the granola bar in her mouth as she walked out the door to her next practice room. Before she entered she turned and waved by to the three who were behind her. When she walked into the room she nearly spit out her water. She didn’t expect the rest of GOT7 to be sitting in the room watching the last of the male rappers.
Silently she made her way over where the were and set her bag down sitting to right of Jackson. He only smirked at her quickly before turning his attention back to the boy who was rapping. The boy finished and the teacher dismissed them. The teacher then walked over to Jiyoon and huffed, “You know you’re supposed to wait until I let you in.” Jiyoon blushed, “S-Sorry….I got so caught up in thinking about what I was doing for the assessment that I forgot.” The teacher nodded and went to open the door for the others.
Again Jiyoon was one of the last to go. This time she knew it wouldn’t get in her head. She picked ‘Just Right’ from GOT7. As the song began she looked right at the GOT7 members the whole time. Her body did the dance as she held the mic, something they weren’t really required to do. Nor did she actually have to do the singing, but she did it all anyway. She was watching trying to see if the boys would give her any gage as to how she was doing. To her luck though it was useless.
When she finished everyone clapped and she returned to her seat next to Jackson, who in the only silent form of affection he could think of swapped snap-backs with her. She was now wearing his snap-back that read ‘WANG’ on it with a few of the studs missing, while he now wore the plain black snap-back. Jiyoon couldn’t help but grin. Once everyone was finished and the practice was done, Jiyoon once more hung back till everyone else left.
At that point she walked out with GOT7 and to their practice room. Once they entered the room everyone started bombarding her with questions and compliments. Jiyoon’s face flushed badly. Finally JaeBum got everyone to back off. Jiyoon then grinned at Jackson, “Thank you Jackson-oppa.” Jackson just grinned brightly, leaving the others confused until they noticed that Jackson wasn’t wearing his ‘WANG’ snapback and Jiyoon was.
This quickly prompted Yugyeom and Junior to ask if anyone had recorded Jiyoon rapping. Mark of course smiled and nodded, “Of course, do you really think Bam and I wouldn’t?” He then pulled out his phone and hit the play button on the video. After that video was over the others smiled. JaeBum nodded, “Now I get it.” Mark in return asked if they had a video of Jiyoon’s dance. Junior smiled and nodded, pulling out his phone before hitting the play button. Jiyoon couldn’t help but blush even more when they freaked out over how well she did and cute she was even when she messed up.
A few minutes after that and GOT7’s dance instructor showed up and kindly asked Jiyoon to return to her dorm. Jiyoon nodded and turned to the boys with a smile on her face. “Good luck! I’ll see you guys later! GOT7-oppas fighting!” She then bowed and picked up her bag before leaving.
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