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yes I know that this may seem bias but there is only one anime from my forbidden four on this list. and this is my list *sticks tongue out at haters* so let's get started
Number 10 Akikan this is a great show for newcomers though it has its flaws and I don't have time to list them all.
Number 9 Mirai Nikki holy crap this show was a perfect mix of awesome and horrifying. the main cast never gets bland and it has one of my favorite characters in all of anime. Yuki a protagonist that has no fucking idea whats going on.
Number 8 Chuunbyo Rika Rika Rika Rika Rika oh sorry I'm dancing. any way this anime broke three of my friends and this is the reason I like messed up anime but this is a great for both newcomers and veterans
Number 7 Heaven's lost Property this show is halairious with its moments of Tomaki and his "fetash" and if I had to sum this show up in one word. BOOBS
Number 6 Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood this show is sooo much better than the original. I love the more serious tone in the show and the better story telling and oh my god the fight scenes they are awesome
Number 5 Pokémon Origins this four episode ova is a better representation of the series than Ash can't Ketchum. this is a great show and I recommend this to everyone one.
Number 4. Blue Exorcist yep I went there we getin serious. this show shows how awesome anime can be and after reading the manga this anime made more sense. but I'll say that you watch 20 different anime before this
Number 3 Your lie in April this is a tear jerker. oh I was crying so much and yet I laughed a lot but yah this show gat me out of depression and I recommend you watch it
Number 2 Seven Deadly Sins awesome is the only word to discribed this show. I just finished it and it was sooooooooooooooo gooooooood the ending was good and this was a great show
Honorable mentions
And at Number 1 Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 this show is so good and in the end it is a unknown Jewel that you all should watch
any way this is my top ten anime list so plz check me out on YouTube I am Kiln the silver eyed warrior. and this is PaulLovellette signing off
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btw my forbidden 4 is seven deadly sins. bleach. dbz .and kill la kill