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Today is the official 10th Anniversary of Fairy Tail!

A man named Hiro Mashima created an amazing story about a girl named Lucy Heartfilia and her journey/adventures from Joining the amazing guild named Fairy Tail!❀ Meeting extraordinary people along the and the person who has helped her and always been by her side named Natsu Dragneel! Hiro Mashima wanted to publish this amazing story and his wish/dream came true. The Manga was published on this day 10 years ago on August 2nd 2006❀

*Spoilers Ahead*

Its amazing how much the series has grown and even Mashima himself in his drawings. It takes my breath away everytime!

Thank you Mahsima... for making this story...

For introducing us to these amazing characters..

For letting us enjoy the magic...

For giving us the Love we desired...

For letting us join in on the Fight...

But Most of all...

For letting us join the Adventures with you!❀

Thank you Hiro.. for everything!! Happy 10th Anniversary Fairy Tail!

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I won't and i'm glad you made it stay awesome! @AimeBolanos
(What I mean about I won't is that I'll never stop loving it)
@Kawaiidesuchann XD I figured that! TuT and Thank you but you guys are more awesomeπŸ‘†β€
yes ... so much fan service 😍😍😍😭😭
@JessicaVang Omg so true!