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so all I have gathered from the recent teasers from all the comebacks are that this will be a very dark hot summer!
First of is Vixx with ( as usual kings of dark concepts ;) so of course dark it is. I can't expect anything other than that being that it is hades after all. The new images show the thorns and bruises so you know it's going to go down!
Anddddd just a day after they will have a concert in Seoul ^^^ which they had spoken about in the 3rd fan meeting along with the expected comeback.. once again it's as dark as it gets!
Then we have monsta x. whether it will be dark or not is hard to tell.... however it's a very dark toned shoot and of course lot's of black clothing and long sleeves. Far from a summer vibe, but we don't care cause ya know.. it's monsta x and they always keep you pumped.
24k is finally making a comeback as well! yeyy dark summer! you know it's like freaking 100 degree in Korea I have no idea how are they wearing freaking sweaters and coats? again 24k has a very dark feel but a bit more vibrant with sun shining on their faces.
even exo made a dark comeback with bruises and monsters in the middle of the summer.
^^^^ when I see these squishy idols in dark concepts
honestly I'm loving everything coming our way! whether it's dark or bright I love so many different styles of kpop. This is going to be one hot hot summer..specially with all that black clothing ;)
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VIXX always kills it with the dark concepts and I think Monsta X can do anything. I'm pumped for 24k tho cuz Superfly was like woohoo so maybe a dark concept will be fun
vixx never ceases to amaze me.
i hadnt heard bout 24K....i'm gna die this summer!!
@unnieARMkeY whtaa?+ must listen to superfly!